Will my dog bite or scratch out my other dogs eye?

This roommate has a pug, and I recently got an innovative puppy.The two of these love oneself and have fun with really well together, rarely complete they previously get way too rough but in some cases there is really a small yelp and they tone straight down the uncertain play.We do notice that after they play, my pups feet and mouth choose very close to his pugs encounter and eye, nothing has happened in the least, but they’re worried to get his pug.My puppy will turn into around 50-60 weight, a bunch bigger subsequently his pug, and they’re worried of which when this individual gets bigger and in addition they play that will my puppy will the begining or chunk out their pugs sight or harmed him definitely bad…
Are these claims a chance What will i say for you to him He wants to stop these from playing all in all so practically nothing bad transpires but some people love one another and enjoy so effectively, I do not know what direction to go to ease his stresses…

They bite with the muzzle and ears, certainly not the eyes, but given that pugs own such reduced muzzles along with protruding face, yes, they could be damaged.

Just develop down the actual play somewhat by getting included in a yank toy or even balls.

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