Why is it that most pit bull owners use their dogs to empower themselves, albeit in sad ways?

MY SPOUSE AND I said MANY, not many.

Receive ghetto blacks plus white trash, for occasion.They own nothing.Zero money.Zero pride.Zero life.Zero house.Zero job (sometimes).Oftentimes all they have got is welfare including a crumby life.So it makes sense that they including the attention associated with being hole bull proprietors.They prefer to walk all-around their trailer parks and also ghettos keeping this deadly animal with a leash as it scares people and advances them respect from the “hood” or perhaps the “park.” I see hardly any affluent those with these canines.Well, aside from gold-toothed rap megastars, that is.

Seriously consider what I am just saying.Each one of these low course people upon welfare private these dogs for the reason that have practically nothing else to signify off (get attention) and intimidate individuals with.It definitely works, although, with my home, because while i see that it’s really a pit bull WE don’t make it possible for my fantastic retriever anyplace near it.

Don’t forget, I claimed MOST, not every.As for the remaining pit bull managers, I believe they get some high off all seeing when they can coach it and also not.They probably don’t possess much of any social life or take vacations commonly, so they sit in your own home or out while in the yard and determine if they might domesticate these kinds of deadly and naturally aggressive animals.

most do use pets to supplement the energy missing in their lives…my spouse and i totally agree with the fact, many pit lovers haven’t any money, no education no career, as well as minimal prospective customers…buy the tough canine and suddenly people are generally showing fear and hole owners log off on of which…you do forget two other groups of hole owners, the hemorrhaging hearts along with the less when compared with 1% (get high controlling power) which will handle a dog of that ranking (even though i do believe these types of dogs ought to be eradicated)…the hemorrhaging hearts are just as ill-equipped to deal with a dog similar to this and simply got it simply because felt sorry for this…and the quantity of pit owners/supporters that live previously calling all these dogs “nanny dogs”, yep maybe, before they were bred advertisement nauseum until human hostility is approaching on par making use of their dog violence…and your whining, its the user not the breed, shut in place already so it is the breed…the owner may often be an idiot, but in the event that said idiot possessed a chihuahua or perhaps beagle maiming and also death may not be the results…and i am aware all pits are sweethearts along with the people exactly who own them love their particular “pitbulls” (i imply seriously men and women, it is two phrases, and pit owners cannot EVER ENTER IT!!! if that is not an indication of a lower IQ i do not know what is)…bring on the bans…

there are only one very few during this site who will acknowledge that harsh actuality of pit bull sort dogs…refreshing to obtain best answer and not 37 thumbs lower:O)

well, i can’t believe everything that you’re saying, you kinda could be seen as a really mean man or women.
you happen to be bringing race into the overall problem that is certainly ignorance.this doesn’t only choose the “blacks as well as white trash” just like you call them.It stays in everyone that obtains the pit as well as who did not properly perform their homework and nurture it.

They assume as themselves to be very trival but having a big terrible dog when in front of them that improves his or her image.Just like a brand brand new gold necklace does.Its just a great ornament.

For a real cow boy defintely won’t be seen not having his do not lik or cover.

Punks need to have something that makes all of them something greater than what they may be.Dogs will be just added during their arsenal.Firearms, blades, chains,……….

they are not deadly plus naturally intense animals persons train them to be that method and it’s not considerable thay cant help it!!!!! so go get yourself a life you folks who think all those stuff

And the particular pit bull managers that teach their dogs to be disability dogs as an example…


You will be quite uninteresting and disillusioned

Stop while using bloody pitbull requests!

Your trolling seriously isn’t even amusing.Didn’t anyone already consult this earlier

Can’t tell should you be trolling or perhaps not.Scares me should you be not.

one phrase…..ignorance

ignorance as well as immaturity

Wow…i am hoping u find bit

wow might we say prejudice and racist.pit bulls are not deadly nornaturally aggresive.acctually yellow metal retrivers chunk more ppl per year then hole bulls that will just can make lousy information stories.therefore you see a good amount of “higher” course ppl using pit bulls including movie stars and sometimes some beyond presidents have owned these.truthfully pit bulls are developing general extremely sweet canines and yes numerous ppl individual them while status designs and help to make the puppies nmean but that is possible by using every particular breed of dog.and quite a few pit bull owners go on vacation since i work with a kennel as well as we look at many hole bulls whilst ppl are usually away.so ough are just simply plain wrong as well as the exact type of person who pushes regarding BSL laws as well as other such discriminatory laws.

…We are kind of appalled by way of this problem.I mean, yeah, many individuals own most of these dogs once they shouldn’t even so the part a person said in relation to other hole bull owners.That’s pissing my home off.They aren’t “deadly plus naturally aggressive”

They were only trained to struggle other canines, but to become loyal plus loving women.These dogs were tame, they’re just domesticated.They make superb pets plus family canines.I recognize many hole bulls i wouldn’t be afraid to let my personal 7 year or so old pal play having.They will be nanny pets.Stop using the marketing and regurgitating what they express and complete some actual research.

You undoubtedly posted this question previously.You Undoubtedly are a very tedious troll.After considering your shape questions…..effectively, that says everything.So THAT doesn’t employ a social life or require vacations.

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