Why does my cat spaz out and attack everything and run a mile a minute all over the house?

It is so crazy, it’s like she had lots of mountain dew.She’s working right at this point.She merely gets in this way when she has smelled catnip, but you cannot find any around!

Oh and I comprehend I sound like I’m 3.But it truly is hilarious!

This can be normal around my property we telephone it “crazy hour”, it’s how a cat elimates excess electrical power.Plus it can be fun for your cat, my own two males play tag Chasey.One will run up to the additional one, wack him along with his paw and try to escape really fast, and the other one will take off once him, it’s crazy and cats love.

Most cats repeat this.They get some exercising and using off excess energy and enjoying themselves.Many will conduct this right before they need to poop also.

Maybe she’s overexcited, my bunny does that each time most people let him out:D

lol it can be cause jane is a pussy-cat!
May not be cats awesome!

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