Why do they call it "getting your dog fixed" if afterwards it doesn’t work anymore?

Diverse name for that same idea.

Brand new noticed how if a Dog bites a young child it can be ‘destroyed’
but loved ones pet is definitely ‘put to sleep’

Think about it..

depends to the angle the simple truth is it from

you’re thinking on the procedure versus mechanical herbal type thingy

not from functional aim type thingy

if the object is usually too keep your dog via breeding, and breeding is definitely issue, then by neuturing your dog…you predetermined the issue

lots of people aparently have a difficulty controlling his or her dog via breeding…in order that they get his or her dog fixed so they really dont have a problem having unwanted puppies

aim to think associated with it that adheres to that, likely it is somewhere in that , direction the actual nick term for that procedure occur from

I think the problem is the particular pet about population dilemma so some sort of “fix” is usually to Spay along with Neuter.

Its truly called spaying and neutering, Not being unchanging.

In my opinion and expertise, it ‘works’ even better.In each and every sense in the word!

Lol good question.

Probably to create the procedure sound nicer.

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