Why do my lurchers absolutely HATE falcons and kestrels?

Some people chase different birds from the Garden which includes a whoof as well as a run, nonetheless, lordy, it’s just like WW3 whether a Kestrel arrives near..
Is the item something to do with protecting their area from other predators

They aren’t too keen on Owls either..

Yes, they learn the fowls of prey are challenging for food to the dogs’ lawn.Those birds also have the Eye and dogs tend not to tolerate getting stared during.One of my Borzois had been dive-bombed by way of a Buzzard Hawk if walking together a lane (nesting time plus a known hazard), but your lover hated any specific bird which had careless attitude which includes a vengeance subsequently.

I have got never got word of this.I was wondering should you have a “cultural” thing occurring…one canine took a dislike regarding raptors (for whichever reason), and exceeded this dislike to other pet dogs.

Lurchers tend to be half sighthound, in addition to sighthounds have got historically sought after with falcons…quite weird!

I have a deer once that will chase simply buzzards right out the field…POST never discovered that available.

maybe some people had careless experience using that style of bird in the past and are wary.If in which bird exhibits exactly the same behaviour since it naturally would certainly then the dogs will probably react in the same way towards these.

Ask these individuals to sigh your peace treaty as well as a cease fire so that they can come to a conclusion democratically!

I would certainly imagine it really is the flight journey pattern and/or the type and model difference nonetheless those are just guesses.

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