What should i do about my dog?

We have a gulf highland terrier many of us bought him or her when he or she was ONLY TWO (the owner said they was 2 yoa but they looks older) and so about Six months ago
Since that time we experienced him he / she would pee once you pet him or her, pee once you lift your ex boyfriend up, hes not excited or maybe anything he / she puts his top the soil when they pees, he appreciates its erroneous and most people take your pet outside at all times he just simply will nevertheless pee i highly recommend you what am i ment to be able to do

a number of years ago i obtained a jack russell like this from the mother throughout law.take the time her boyfriend gave the girl this puppy.her man use to help kick this kind of dog all-around hit your ex everything that’s the reason she set it up the dog so the dog probably would not be all-around him ever again.came into a good dwelling.my dog did that for about a year and more.you please have to hold showing these individuals love and you’re not going to hurt all of them.when everyone dogs should this tell your dog its o .k DON’T yell at your dog and spank your canine you’ll want to get your puppy to have confidence in you.expect this aid.
good luck

Take him towards vet.He perhaps have an contamination, or perhaps need special exercises to help strengthen the actual muscles so the guy can hold the item better.Simillar to people, dogs sometimes get incontinence difficulties too, maybe this individual just pees like this because he / she CANT hold it in.

he may of been coming from a puppy mill or only really afraid.Puppy mill dogs often have diseases plus he may have one.Puppy mill dogs are also scared considerably.He also might be scared of one’s tall measurement.Westies tend to be small and i am giants that will them.Trust me we have a maltese.As soon as she appeared to be a doggie, she peed to the carpet cuz your lady was consequently scared among us.

He won’t “know it really is wrong”.Him placing his top the ground is often a sign involving submissive as well as anxiety urination.Take him into a vet to make certain there’s practically nothing medical happening, and then talk with someone that will overcome her anxiety problems.

He may have been previously mistreated, and becomes very restless – to the point that he / she pees – when he or she is touched.

take it towards vet as it could be a signal of something rather more serious.

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