What percentage do the top 10 dogs in north america make up of all dogs in north america? please read below.?

i am talking about what complete dogs aside from lab retrievers, yorkshire terriers, languages like german shepherds, wonderful retrievers, beagles, boxers, dachsunds, poodles, shih tzus, or bull dogs comprise as a new percentage of most dogs in the united states
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Probably very small considering the number of breeds you’ll find in entire.

That’s more of a math problem over a dog dilemma.

Just guessing, 1/40 as well as less.Now that’s a really old guess.

I’m sure you could just try to portion 10 on the total availablility of breeds, when you knew precisely how many different breeds you will discover.But that’s not including many of the pet quality dogs and also the mutts.

You need some you good having numbers.& do many research to obtain the numbers you will need.

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