What kind of dog do you have and what is it doing?

Chinese language Crested

I simply laid this toddler down for just a nap..therefore, he’s busy checking for virtually every crumbs or maybe food she could have dropped.My personal floor features never also been cleaner.

Older Pitbull taking a nap comfotably following eating her Kong filled with peaunut butter in addition to raisins.As well as my Birkenstock boston Terrier likewise eating his / her Kong…He soon is going to be having propane issues seeing that always! MY SPOUSE AND I guess their his breed

Kinda past due getting below but also been out jogging w/pup.My GSD is currently taking your nap throughout his cargo box.

PS vicki566 do not be knowledgeable raisins usually are poison for you to dogs, they’re just grapes.

pit bull doggie and beagle elderly, pit bull warm the beagle, beagle wanting the pit bull might just disappear completely and make it possible for her sleep

Komondor, mopping the floor.

Pure particular breed of dog golden retriever, as well as sniffing asses.

Sniffing as well as being adorable

Chocolate Labrador retriever Retriever, and sleeping over a heap of towels(:

Boykin Spaniel…slumbering after your hard evening of enjoy and training

Three mutts.
They’re all telling lies down, getting good.:).

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