What can I do about an aggressive high strung cat?

My own kitten is actually 36 months old.Typically when it is only my family in addition to her, jane is very sweet although all things “sets your girlfriend off” along with tends to make your girlfriend aggressive and ill-behaved.Your lover can not endure almost every other individuals or maybe pets but me personally.Some thing certainly be a as being a stray kitty for the patio or perhaps that neighbours creating noise models the woman away from along with your lady growls, hisses, swats your ex paws, cowers affordable together with ear backside, and so on.When WHEN I carry out products including stub my bottom and yell, this creates your ex upset with me personally! She had not peed upon home furniture because staying spayed COUPLE OF typical however at the moment something were being producing her worried plus the girl peed with our lounger as well as hissed as well as growled whilst I became washing that up.

I consider your best can guess is to require your girlfriend into the vet and also tell him the problems! Might be he can give your girlfriend some “anti-anxiety” prescription drugs (like MY PARTNER AND I require! “) ) She’s a new anxious break.Enjoy.

it can be maybe your girlfriend breed or maybe jane is frightened associated with some thing.kittens and cats can be very territorial so yes your girlfriend room and make it possible for your ex be.

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