What can a cat’s tail tell about it’s mood?

Just like when it really is wagging backward and forward fast, and many others.

When WHEN I take my own usually happy cat (tail right up using a small curve on the tip), immediately he invests his tail down lower between his / her legs.I expected the vet about this and she said it was before a submissive motion because they was scared.
You can view pictures and also meanings regarding cat’s butt positions on Tail Converse http://www.xmission.com/emailbox/tailtalk.htm

A cat’s butt movements usually are not as revealing to of mood as a dog.Often a new cat’s butt is going for no reason in any respect.The tip of a cat’s tail twitching can be quite a sign connected with irritation, although not always.The merely mood that one could really make certain of in the cat is definitely fear/agression, if your back can be arched in addition to fur puffed out and about.Cats simply are certainly not as free of charge with exhibiting emotions because dogs.

Well if you are cat’s tail is wagging very fast backward and forward its either very psyched and ready to play, or very angry/annoyed and willing to attack.Should your cat is actually grinning it is definitely going to attack.

Tail direct up:Happy

Tail whipping by side for you to side:Angry

Either ones Cat can be happy or it’s pissed off.

when my own cat’s butt flicks teh tip backward and forward i know hes likely to attack my family.

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