What breed of dog is this?


That is certainly my doggy Angel.She’s either an APBT or maybe an APBT mix, but WHEN I can’t seriously tell exactly what she’s mixed with whenever she’s a combination.She would not really mimic most hole bulls We’ve seen.After i got your ex, I was told your lover was your pit bull, but I’m not so sure today.She’s seriously tall in addition to kinda slim.

She appearance mostly, or else all, pit bull terrier in my opinion.Variations proportions and build have a tendency to happen a whole lot with yard breeders.They’re interested in money, certainly not AKC requirements.So dogs that usually are not to common get bred on a regular basis and generate young which have been full blooded nevertheless look somewhat different.

Your lover looks adorable though and also full blooded as well as not, typical or certainly not, the essential part is simply how much ya’ll appreciate her!

It is actually kinda exciting though trying to puzzle out the canine!

No, maybe a pit put together with a different breed.Her muzzle is a long time and hole bulls have a tendency to bulk up above this 1.

She seems like my dog and they’re a pit x research laboratory.The tail will be the same very.

She appearance more u .s citizens bulldog compared to pittie.

looks including some united states bulldog is within there.

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