What breed do you think my dog is?

Hi there,

My dog is really a cross certain breed, even vets had not been too convinced what reproduce he ended up being.

Any ideas on which breeds he has in him

Some pictures beneath.




Thanks xD

First of most, he will be adorable! I might think of which he possessed some A language like german Shepard within him.Apart from that, maybe laboratory Anyways there is a beautiful puppy there

I recognize lab german born mix

Lindsay B by look up breed in the dictionary.A combination between a couple of breeds continue to creates some sort of breed, even when it’s possibly not recognized simply by akc like a registered canine, it continues to be labelled as a reproduce.

If it is a crossbred, it isn’t really a particular breed of dog.

BTW, it can be spelled SHEPHERD.

German Shepherd Canine Mix

half german born and one half lab the lady cute

ooohhh thus cute!!! but sincerely…definitely not idea! hahaha!!!

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