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My Roborovski Hamsters Are Fighting Or Are They Playing?

Concerning had these kinds of two girl Robo hamsters for just a month now and they got along for a while.When I aquired them we were holding in exactly the same cage in the pet retailer.Now some people fight to get about SEVERAL seconds plus start squeaking.One sooner or later runs up to the petting zoo and also stays for the bit.During their own sleeping occasions they hug up next together and obtain along usually that they are awake.Could they be truly preventing or is he or she just using.Please guide ASAP! Thanks. Hello generally there! (: Uhm individuals who responded to before us are the two WRONG.You are able to put 2+ hamsters inside a cage, but being successful a possibility of fighting involving 2 hamsters which are living with each other.I get 6 hamsters plus 2 of them (Mochi & Zara) are usually in the similar cage.They fight, but not serious ample to injure and bring blood from eath other.They get to sleep together and eat along and many that great stuff.But precisely what you need to do will be get yet another cage/tank in case they do learn to fight certainly and try and kill one another! … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my gerbils?

Right now I went to their tank to discover one away from four involving my gerbils looks like she seemed to be bleeding in the neck i took your girlfriend out as well as chunks of fur was missing the girl doesnt own bugs while i looked yet scabs.her your decide one other features similar scabs.they all snuggle so they really cant own bugs Is it possible they will be fighting with one another and i just now noticed they are scratching They are all almost a year old.and some people been together for a long time.is the two sick or perhaps what Take them to some vet immanently.That may be a ailment or rash. Go quickly to the health within your gerbils.

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HELP! Dwarf hamster balding…?

I merely got your dwarf hamster about a month ago, along with she’s also been doing truly well.Your woman never got wet butt, and didn’t have almost any problems altering.Well I got watching her in her cage, along with noticed anything odd.When your woman stood on her returning legs, you can view she features a spot exactly where her fur is not well-known under the woman’s chin, as well as little bit of fur there exists wet seeking.It had not been there this morning, and if it was there prior today POST didn’t discover it.What exactly is it Regarded as a get her looked at Is she sick YOU SHOULD HELP! I’ve just had her thirty days so she’s not outdated or whatever… You can take him towards hospital, look over, and could possibly have a difficulty. o head of the family,,,,, change just about all her bed quick and wash her adequately with several baby shampoo. she has a mite plenty of her to scratch the woman’s selff until eventually the locks comes down….sorry for almost any typo im over a phne…..along with wash the actual tank out and utilize differant bed from these days on….

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Ice cream cone for mice help?

To ensure the lady i always get the mice out of (she breeds them) acquired an the rocks cream cone within here procreation tank.The rodents loved the item they climbed interior and chewed and ate the actual ice treatment cone in addition to had an excellent time just simply doing your mouse idea haha.So we were wondering if it was ok to try and do the similar for my mice.They’re just on any strict diet regime of 16 % protein inside there meals.They complete however get several snacks. Personally I believe an full cone is excessively much since treats of any kind ought to be in small amounts.I here’s more worried, though, concerning the 16% protein level of their diet.Mice can’t have any more than 13%.An excessive amount of protein could cause allergies in addition to obesity.The next link from a good mouse community discusses protein ranges in diet program: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/diet.cfm Sounds fine to my advice.It just is dependent upon you, and what number of “treats” you need to give these folks.

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Please help me with hamster! BEST ANSWER 5 stars!?

ARH!!! Thought about dont understand if the hamster still is often tamed.Jane is around ELEVEN month old to some year older.But I tried the hands in the beginning and eventually left it with cage this sniff next bite.So currently after EIGHT months post started while using the GLOVE.So it is been 30 days of undergoing it.the initial 4 instances i eventually left hamster food all over the middle with GLOVE.And the hamster do accept the foodstuff.and solely bite somewhat.But it did not hurt. The particular 5th time period, i remaining food again on glove, then immediately, she mouthful the baseball glove…then cannot accept the foodstuff.She continued biting but it was similar to she just bites and definately will not release forever, until i shook it slightly. Now your 6th period in A week, i thought he would use each and every hamster’s the majority of favourite cure, yoghurt drops.So this time the hamster to start with got on to my glove i was wearing, then took a compact piece belonging to the treat.it got there are various glove along with ate your treat somewhere inside the tank.then my partner and i took a tiny bit on the treat all over … Continue reading

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Gerbil keeps jumping! help!?

Hello there, I have two masculine gerbils in the reasonable sized tank.The one thing was some people chewed the lake bottle touch that latched upon the aquarium, so now I need to sellotape that on, and continue night after i was securing it back again on once more I wasn’t paying attention to one with the males, and he or she had leaped onto the sting of this tank! I got so amazed, he seemed to be just sitting down there around the edge mysteriously! And and then I put the lid back again on and also he saved jumping getting back around the ledge.Is the following normal for the gerbil And how can i make your ex stop doing it It was the first time he would it continue night, nevertheless eventually he / she went far too sleep. Gerbils have grown capable of jumping outside of a crate.They can simply jump while high because 12″, plus more athletic gerbils can easily clear more significant heights. You are certainly not going every single child stop your ex boyfriend.However, you could possibly easily be capable of take his or her new located jumping talent and change it to the advantage.Prize … Continue reading

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Determine gender of my mice?

I took in some orphaned rough outdoors mice several days ago, one of them is very tame and also the others will certainly adjust soon enough.I’ve possessed rodents before however it was less difficult to establish their girl or boy.These your little ones are concerning an inch as well as a half lengthy, maybe half the scale of entire grown types.Their little brown eyes are open up and these are weened.Concerning looked many times to endeavor to sex these but I’m a tad confused.No noticeable nipples(although they could be protected by fur) That genitals are close along which head me to consider female even so the bottom bump that should preferably be a new vagina supports out just like a small member and now there doesn’t really seems to be much of your hole generally there…but it’s not far from the anus including males…guide sorry, I couldn’t obtain a good picture.they’re antsy. In improvement to sex, you must determine age while they MUST be separated at 30 days old in avoiding accidental pregnancies.Besides the sexing website, TFM features a link in order to photos regarding bubs by day YOU to TWENTY-EIGHT.It is actually as follows: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/daybydaybabies.cfm While does is often … Continue reading

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My gerbil is shaking and wobbling when he moves and hes cold and has his eyes closed what should i do?

i am only 13 and i’m sure my gerbil can be dying hes 3 years old right now and we dont know what direction to go i tryed to feed your ex but your dog wont consume and this individual cant switch alot support me pls:'( Unfortunately, your gerbil may be dying.They don’t live extended periods if POST remember properly.Take it to somewhat of a vet if you want a good examination. Not much that you can do unless you can aquire him to somewhat of a small animal specialist vet inside next handful of hours.They’re probably unwell, likely succumbing. You can search to go his water bottle magnified to his or her nest community so this individual doesn’t should move an excessive amount so that it, and you also could give him a few applesauce….i’d personally also place him below a warm lamp and also place a heating cushion under his / her tank (only if he’s in a glass aquarium, don’t fit a station under any plastic wire dog crate! ) For a second time, beyond in which he requirements a vet. how unhappy.take him into the vet and make the cage when comfortable that they can.you likely … Continue reading

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My hamsters pregnant can she be out?

she acts perfectly with this male they will dont deal with all they does is endeavor to mate as well as she retains walking i understand shes expectant shes nesting in addition to hording considerably.she why don’t we me dog her as well as hold her too.would the idea be ok seems she still enables me store if i’m careful to help let her emerge in in to my playpen my spouse and i dont assume its sensible that only a mans can emerged.can the girl still run on the girl wheel likewise, im proceeding camping this specific weekend just for one evening.if through chance she’s the babies while i’m gone may everything often be ok or regarded as a have someone up here in case i retain mom plus dad seperated with regard to there in the playpen where i’ll easily notice them, once they fight i’ve a divider i set up to seperate these people. Your are usually doing excellent being a hamster lord mother becoming so thorough and most:3.If she’s in the girl own ring then in case you left her whilst you went hiking, she’d end up being fine cause when your lover does have got … Continue reading

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Male Gerbils fighting?

My own brother possesses 3 men gerbils in addition to i ensnared two ones fighting they want been mutually since they birth they’re about FIFTEEN months old without have happen to be separatedd along with the were learn obvious eyesight they each have utilized blood on the other person.but they want calmed down they’re sitting next to one another like nothing went wrong.Relating to a quit tank nevertheless i dont would like to separatee these unlespessaryry due to the fact i said i’ve had threger billsls anwhichch one particular tseparatete.Should post risk it during the night or certainly not Thanks Okay, first off – people must research.Males have been far a reduced amount of aggressive/territorial than females, and will co-exist around larger categories.They aren’t “known that they are fighty” as well as anything that adheres to that.It’s that females which might be trouble! Following, i would keep an exceptionally close observation on these.Usually if your fight is actually so bad that blood is attracted, it means they aren’t compatible.Should you keep these individuals together then it’s VERY possible you could go trend in about them a single morning as well as find 1 dead. Test them both over.Try determine which … Continue reading

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