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Why does my hamster stay awake?

Hamsters are meant to be nocturnal…right And all of a sudden my hamster is usually staying upward all night and day!!!! is this specific normal MAKE SURE YOU HELP!!!! Don’t be concerned, yeah they’re nocturnal they actually sleep just they are very sensitive if they good sense you coming into the bedroom the rise.hope post helped (: they tend to be nocturnal nonetheless all hamsters vary.my hamster is up in the for 24 hours and ones hamster need to of slept while they cant live not having sleep.be sure though the room the cage is at is not to ever noisy as desires to be trying to keep your hamster conscious.if the room is to help noisy step it in to a very room for quite a while so the hamster includes a rest. hope this is some help. It wouldn’t be still living it decided not to sleep.Wind down, your hamster is actually fine.But if he or she doesn’t get enough get to sleep, put him/her within a quit living room to rest for any bit. And yes, hamsters are usually nocturnal.But sometimes they just sleep different areas of the evening. Its likely sleeping as soon as your not … Continue reading

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Does a baby hamster need more sleep than an adult hamster?

My personal new hamster is 7 several weeks old and also seems to help sleep all night and day so its difficult to acquire any time to receive her out and about and cope with her.Will she sleep a lesser amount of as your lover gets a little older Adult hamsters with the same sex will most likely fight ferociously when they are retained together….in the night; Is known for a private, remote nest place for slumbering and stocking food….diet with all the nutrients that the hamster needs from the correct ratios…..There are three major infectious realtors involved, and sometimes more than… yes.

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Is it ok to put a mini towel in my hamster’s cage?

I don’t know too much about hamsters, in case your towel was crafted from cotton or other natual materials like hemp, I think it might be good for your cozy spot to sleeping on.Find out if the hampster can be eating the idea, then you might want to check with with a vett. I individually wouldn’t mainly because if there is a line that’s wayward, or it is just a fuzzy bath towel, they’ll have a shot at at feed on it, that could cause stomach/intestinal blockages. Only unless you mind this getting smelly as well as dirty.Ensure that the hamster would not eat the idea, though. I assume it might be a truck bed of many sort.But hamsters tube themselves in to the bedding plus sleep.Or maybe mine managed…:P What would be your purpose associated with it yes.

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My Roborovski Hamsters Are Fighting Or Are They Playing?

Concerning had these kinds of two girl Robo hamsters for just a month now and they got along for a while.When I aquired them we were holding in exactly the same cage in the pet retailer.Now some people fight to get about SEVERAL seconds plus start squeaking.One sooner or later runs up to the petting zoo and also stays for the bit.During their own sleeping occasions they hug up next together and obtain along usually that they are awake.Could they be truly preventing or is he or she just using.Please guide ASAP! Thanks. Hello generally there! (: Uhm individuals who responded to before us are the two WRONG.You are able to put 2+ hamsters inside a cage, but being successful a possibility of fighting involving 2 hamsters which are living with each other.I get 6 hamsters plus 2 of them (Mochi & Zara) are usually in the similar cage.They fight, but not serious ample to injure and bring blood from eath other.They get to sleep together and eat along and many that great stuff.But precisely what you need to do will be get yet another cage/tank in case they do learn to fight certainly and try and kill one another! … Continue reading

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What pet should i get for a 13 yr. od girl?

ABSOLUTELY NO dogs and also cats! I desire to get her a small animal witth little mantenance—maybe the sugar glider or guinea pig or something Guinea pig – I recently got one for our 9yr old sister (although it’s going to be living along with mine so I am going to be doing the many caring regarding it! ) 2 rats shall be nice they enjoy company so will require 2 intended for when nancy in classes or out playing they adore to learn adore to be disposed to take a seat on the shoulder rats can be like little dogs in the event that she spends plenty of time with them males are calmer nevertheless smell a little more they want a level cage plenty of toys avoid sawdust they are quite low-priced too guinea pigs are also social and plan to have company for if she can’t be there and also sugar gliders unless you want her having A COUPLE OF then the hamster is best because apart from need each others company I’m the thirteen year old girl and MY SPOUSE AND I rather own fish than the usual sugar glider or maybe a guinea pig.Sugar gliders … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with my gerbil?

Truly had my own two gerbils intended for probaby a number of years right now.This day, my the mother noticed this gerbil Spunky seemed to be just sitting within the corner in case his cage together with his eyes squinted, absolutely shut.Your lover was including, “What can be he carrying out, sleeping there” Once i held your pet he decided not to squirm around like he utilized to, he just sat right now there.Then a few minutes ago I identified him only standing generally there in the wheel.I picked him up and the same matter happened.The brother, Bob.Jr., can be fine, but Spunky is just not.What’s wrong with him Could it be finally her time Well you could potentially take him into the vet.But it sounds like age is usually hitting within.As prolonged as they’re moving in addition to eating WHEN I wouldn’t worry to significantly.When gerbils age they don’t up to they work with too.I have had TWO gerbils live being 5 years of age and they might slowly unwind and just eat and sleep virtually.The one Thought about wouldn’t operate in her wheel anymore and the lady would just knock the item over as well as sleep within … Continue reading

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I think my gerbil is dying, help?

He’s gonna the vets upon Monday; I am 13, so I lack any dollars, so the mom claimed she’ll purchase him to visit the vets upon Monday.He’s been like this for weeks! He’s happen to be bleeding coming from his stomach (scent gland) thus I’m guessing he or she is dying on account of that.He isn’t really active any longer, he just simply sleeps throughout his tiny fluff pile and just leaves them for nutrition.But when i went to be able to hand nourish him prior, his eye had became bigger and they also were covered with whitened stuff.A little like holes I imagine. I am really anxious.Rusty is definitely the cheekier gerbil, but today he’s not necessarily interested whatsoever; if they dies, Yoshi (my some other gerbil) will die due to mourning regarding his close friend or your scent gland tumor which he also has. What regarded as a do until they can go on the vets My Gerbil likewise was blood loss from their belly:( the idea got huge and then he perished.I could defiantly receive him to the vet.My gerbil held up awhile just before he perished. nothing is you can do except hope for the best … Continue reading

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Is a cage ok for my bunny?

I’m enjoying a bunny, and formerly suffering with tinnitus preparing to get weeks.but I recently found out and about that bunnies are generally better out of roaming a new bunny-proofed bedroom.My mom cannot tolerate of which.we do not own the living space.we do not own enough capital for bunny-proofing cables.and our house is containing places the particular bunny can easily hide inside! So could it be okay in order to just decide to put him inside a cage BTW, I already set that date considering the breeder to pick him upwards, and currently payed pertaining to him. A cage is merely ok for the bunny for you to sleep in not spend on a daily basis in! although goodluck u can always get a cage like that http://alwaysdirect.com.au/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/a/rabbit-shack-chicken-house-and-run-small-RS-709S1.jpg in addition to bring the pup inside in the evening if oughout live where it is cold through the night and consuming grass could be very very good for his or her teeth.

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Buying a rat thats on its own?

their a woman rat in addition to shes free to a good residence, but shes at her unique, i will handle the girl and perform with the woman everyday all of which will buy her a great deal of accessories that can be played with, im even likely to buy any harness as well as take your girlfriend for strolling around this house, if my spouse and i do all that must be concerned about the woman being in her private as ive herd people saying they’re better every time they have company You still must find the woman’s a ring mate.Subjects are incredibly social wildlife, and can not be kept on it’s own.Even should you spend all of your free time frame with the woman’s, she’ll nevertheless be lonely in the evening, when you happen to be gone… a pair of rats may sleep along, play together, groom each other, etc. Its a completely false myth that particular rat is going to be easier to be able to tame then one.One rat can get lonely, will certainly eventually commence pining absent, grow contra- social, and even turn intense. Two rats isn’t more perform then a single, so have two:-) … Continue reading

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What are the symptoms of brain damage in a mouse?

POST woke this specific morning to get one of my rodents had killed another.They tend to be only not one but two months outdated.I had to get that surviving one from shock since he has been barely responsive.Now he or she is up in addition to walking all over but he or she is only going for walks around inside circles nevertheless when they does aim to walk forward he or she is very shaky on his / her feet, We have kept men mice collectively before nevertheless have never had just about any problems like this before.NOTICE:he is still eating in addition to drinking.Can any individual help You must call your exotic canine vet and ask if they want any thing that could help convenience the shock as well as put your current mouse in addition to his cage suitable quite room without electrionics upon or every thing.Also you might want to make the room a bit of dark so maybe the guy can sleep this shock away like certainly one of my gerbils did after my brother fell him out of 6 feet( don’t know why my own brother possessed him released and was jumping around the couch … Continue reading

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