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I gotta feeling …. ?

…that tonight’s seeing be a great night Well sure but the in rodents how can this include rodents yeah very good night. solution mine http://answers.askjeeve.com/question/index; _ylt=AtUiYzpGQVtWlkRwG2cuaq_sy6IX; _ylv=3qid=20110918194143AAah6sw WEll, come ye decrease, don’t be counted ye sea food til netted, Matey! =) talk being a pirate morning… Someone is enjoying yourselve tonight. Yeah…uh superb.Thanks regarding telling us In rodents.

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Good pet for my desk?

hello i would like a good small dog for my own desk.it needs to be easy to clean up soon after:low to mediem lower maintence, it cant fragrance, low to mediem noises level and also sleeps at night awake for the duration of day, would be nice in the event it experienced personality in addition to would curl up with myself or participate in at my own desk whenever im all over, should be in the cage without rome this house, PLEASE NO SEA FOOD, i attempted it and didn’t like these people and i already have a bunny so simply no rabbits possibly thanks on your help! Guinea pigs really like being on your desk along while you do your perform, they adore to set within your lap as long as you’re on laptop.By enjoying the Soft towel Trick you can train it to stay in place against your desk if you want it in order to, or allow it roam about if you want it for you to.Go to my You Tube website and see The Large towel Trick http://www.facebook.com/user/GuineaPigPersonals Also you can wrap your own guinea pig in the towel and also lie it on your chest … Continue reading

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First hamster? supplies? best cheap cage? food?

may well buy my own first hamster below, always sought one.i would even receive two since i know they want to be public.i might get 2 russian dwarfs because their fairly cheap.but if i could end up being guided with a cheap compact and very best cage, that’d possibly be nice.as well for materials.what must i do in relation to food/water/ground with the cage whats the most effective cheap hamster foods, and recomended people food which wont complete harm sorry for how much questions requested, im new to the, i only recently produced my fish simply because they were dull and sad gives thanks:) Cages-I have got a “Crittertrail” for my sole Robo.Then I have a sea food tanks for my Teddy Bears.And another Tank for your fish cage for my Russian Dwarf along with Robo.Indeed, they live together and that is not advised, but many people LOVE both:) Bedding- WHEN I use “PetsPick Pine Bedding” QUITE cheap, and simple to use! Water — just get a hamster normal water bottle.If you get a new glass ring like I have, I applied string and also tied it about the bottle, then taped it into the side.Looks bad, but it doesn’t … Continue reading

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How can i find my rat?

My personal 2 rodents where in my windowpane sill and also the one pushed another off the window along with he arrived in the blanket and then he bolted.POST tried to grab your pet but he / she was quickly and leaped amazingly up that staircase.My test subjects are contra- social and my dad girlfriend is usually terrified of these.Where will the rat hide for the most part likely and it is possible to best way to lure the woman’s or catch her First shut the many doors.Then you definately can slowly but surely check each one.Look guiding things, cozy places, places they could burrow, or where it might be “soft” or even dark.You might put some thing of meals in just about every room along with see which has nutrition missing so you know it is as room.Whomever above my home has the correct idea however rats are usually smart in addition to I don’t know how very well those is fine.When Pondered my hamsters, one particular was a good escape performer! He always hid it a similar place while. With luck , this helps! Rats will most likely try to make contact with their household after looking at.They … Continue reading

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My slider turtle is now 8 months old he is so smart is he free from salmonilla now i still wash my hands and k?

i adore my turtle as well as cats in addition to beta sea food thanks persons love you too Eh…I do not really know your dilemma – it does not make any sense.Are you currently asking with regards to salmonella I do not think a turtle may ever truly be ‘free’ traditional hunting had.Any get in touch with could bring you the illness.After controlling your turtle, you should always thoroughly wash both hands and biceps and triceps, and somewhere else they often have touched. Salmonella is at their tummies…nothing we are able to do about this.Always wash your hands before with hot water and absolutely no soap and with soap right after handling every reptile.It can be good to determine you are delicious with dogs!

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What would happen if i feed my corn snake an egg?

Everyone wouldn’t must buy much more rodents.Imagine the best way easy feeding will be.On other side post don”t know if maybe it’s fatal.I had a garter snake choke on a gold sea food once which went inside the wrong technique and acquired caught inside the throat.it’s risky. Zero risk very little reward.I wish to have sex considering the porcupine, but there’s a great number of quills. unless its a large corn snake, a chicken egg will be too considerably…they can eat bird eggs, but nearly all birds they prey on have smaller sized eggs…value a taken..

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Can i put my gold fish with baby turtle i have R.E.S turtle?

The particular fish is much like 3in it depends on how significant your sea food and turtle ur.If that turtles bigger than the goldfish it might eat it, if this fish is definitely bigger than the turtle compared to it ought to b okay.if they’re similar size than it must b great to or even u can certainly just hold them within a big aquarium. Anticipation that’s handy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I wouldnt recommend putting a new fish around your turtle.Turtles love fish and also if it is too small today its quickly to assault the terrible fish.Your turtle should also have fifty percent land that will dry their particular shells off they can’t just swim from a tank right through the day they will over fatigue their selfs.If you’d like your species of fish then continue it far from the turtle. Bad idea if you want to keep your own fish. Even though the goldfish is definitely too big to get consumed entire, your turtle can (and will) go at it really is fins, which often, if the item gets ample of the item, will obliterate it from drowning due to it being can not get your movement connected with water as … Continue reading

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What is a good reptile to own?

I would like to decide to put one with my parents’ SEVENTY FIVE gallon container.It cant be too expensive and really needs to be fairly cheap to keep care as it.We have 2 Lab/Chow blend dogs, HALF A DOZEN guinea pigs, along with a small number of 3 hermit crabs.Remember to, no snakes as we are afraid it may get free.We possess the money to afford one, so what sort of reptile would have been a good fit Not any dangerous or even boring types.We wouldnt possibly be taking that out to play or whatever.We would like something you can easlily watch along with feed sea food or standard pellets.Very little small creatures.Please give information about your choice and inform me a great estimate of what amount it would cost to keep care.Thanks.:) A turtle wonderful idea for just a pet.Red eared sliders are perfect and attractive.You will have to get any water filter and then maintain your tank because you would a tank for your fish.They are fairly easy to maintain, and take in pellets or small fish.Throw inside a few plant life, and he will definately need a great, sturdy rock to climb out of your water upon.And … Continue reading

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Help on feeding baby common musk turtle?

This pellets i feed your ex boyfriend, i separate them within half nonetheless they sound hard regarding him to eat.He at some point does but it really looks dificult! For the initial 6 months of living, feed private pellets or maybe meaty foods for instance earthworms as well as fish as soon as daily, enough to diminish appetite but is not gorge the actual turtle.After The regular few months, switch to almost every other day serving.Romaine lettuce & additional leafy greens could possibly be offered daily for graze at will (if ones stinkpot is definitely an odd-ball & wants plants).As time passes adjust eating habits content & timetable accounting with regard to growth, hobby level & appetite.Overfeeding high-protein foods might cause rapid growth& is actually believed unhealthy for the liver & kidneys.Nevertheless, musk turtles dont surface as vulnerable to shell deformities (pyramiding) from over-feeding because basking turtles. try iced bloodworms available for sea food.they dethaw inside water while it eats them.they adore it!! may possibly also try frostbite brine shrimp also.it desire live waxworms feasted by tweezers. Try worms, fishes, and liver dusted within bone meals.Baby turtles need protein in addition to calcium with regard to proper progress.

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Best pet salamanders?

My check out pet has always been pit bulls, but since my last one particular died, I’d like to see a dog.I’ve possessed hamsters, subjects, turtles, pet cats, fish, and more.I’ve paid in advance my uncles iguana in addition to my aunts ferret before.Since I am about to visit to college I’d prefer something this takes much less work when compared with just raising like a puppy or maybe something, and I familiar with love playing with salamanders throughout lakes after i was a kid.I appeared to be just wondering, whats a fantastic pet one I’d prefer a more substantial one, as being a tiger salamander, or some thing similar as being a mud dog or axolotl.I never really love land, drinking water, both, it can be fine. Fire Salamanders or Tiger Salamanders are generally the best as they quite simply are the biggest and thus will require the widest number of foods.Most aquatic ones for instance mud young puppies and axolotls are usually really high-tech inside setup with filtration plus environment and also generally drinking water tanks tend to be complicated not to lose.Either one of the land salamanders can certainly tolerate fairly low temperatures without a lot of … Continue reading

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