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Is full cream milk or lite milk of for 2/3 week old guinea pigs?

my sister rescued a baby guinea pig out of her neighbours who had been being mistreated hes around 17 days old in addition to my sis couldnt help you save his mother, she presented him if you ask me and i used to be just questioning if complete cream or lite milk is fine for your ex boyfriend to drink if not what can i use If there’re already two to three weeks good old, they needs to be eating by themselves and would not need any kind of extra get. You give food to pups many of the 18% protein guinea pig exhibit (with nutritional C, without having seeds, crazy, crunchy chuncks or shaded garbage) they want, many of the hay they demand (some persons recommend alfalfa however we opt for grass hay), many of the water they demand and 1/2 goblet or consequently of refreshing greens each day.Avoid berry except for a special, rare treat.It is excessively sugary for your other nutritional requirements you get free from it.In two or three months you can increase the particular greens to a cup. If you believe you should supplement, work with a kitten get substitute similar to KMR put together … Continue reading

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I need a hamster!! D: omgomg?

ok.i own asked LOT OF queations of the but we dont proper care please say to me things to do love it if more want a hamster but my pops says simply no.everytime.im simply just gunna number things also , you tell me learning to make him have me you (lmao post sound therefore controlling in addition to mean through saying (make him) lol JUST ONE I obtain good qualities (As and also sometimes Bs) TWO I never do something bad, unless its accidentally ( such things as accidently wiping my own makeup with towels along with forgetting concerning this till it stains:P ) 3 post dont require him for things ( exclusively little things like gum, nail plate polish remover, etc) 5 i always do our my house work, for no pay, and post do them regardless if they dont request me in order to (wash pots and pans, feed puppies, water vegetation etc) and many are things i realize about owning a hamster 1 i need to clean wire dog crate 1- Two times a week 2 i need to play by using it so this wont be so lonely 3 NOT wash it in water, otherwise they … Continue reading

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Recomend c&c cage with pet cats and dogs?

there so hip! i imagine my guinea ahould find spoiled to get one! nonetheless it is safe and sound around young dogs and kittens and cats also previous dog, so what on earth u think we need answer by way of 1 pm tommorow EIGHTEEN sep 2011 Yes, you require a C&C cage to your piggie.A store bought wire dog crate is excessively small for just one.Even the best ones you will discover.And yes it really is safe all-around puppies and also cats.You just need to get added grids to raise it off the floor (it also gives you storage place underneath).And on the safe side you can make a best of grids hard so the particular kitties can’t uncover them. here’s where i obtained my competition: http://www.guineapigcages.com/ A C&C cage is not safe about dogs plus cats, unless receive one which has a top.The Midwest Guinea Pig Environment Plus is suitable though, because doing so has some sort of roof And it also has extra level area.The competition is EIGHT square ft, but it is possible to combine 2 and allow it to be 16 sq .feet.Here is the url: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspxmaincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=142 I have a very dog plus a guinea … Continue reading

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PET POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

WHICH IN TURN PET CAN U RECOMMEND 1.hamster 2.gerbil A FEW.guinea pig FIVE.rabbit plus why A bunny! cause its on your own that doesnt appear like a rat. Hamsters for the reason that are helpful and cute and they make good pets.Though it’s actually not on ones poll i would like to comprise rats simply because are certainly gorgeous therefore clever along with friendly.They may be as clever as pet dogs, and take less conditions than puppies.I might strongly recommend looking into getting rats simply because are tremendous friendly so you can educate them tricks that you just can’t actually teach on the other animals in your poll. -Charlotte x I’ve possessed hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs along with hamsters are by far and away my favourite animal.I find in which hamsters is often super sweet with the right number of taming and also they’re a piece of cake to nurture.Gerbils are usually easy to nurture too, but MY PARTNER AND I didn’t have much enjoyment outside of mine.I’d 2 siblings that looked like it more serious about each in addition to they have being completed.They likewise seemed far more wild, these were hard to help catch plus handle and … Continue reading

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Ok is my hamster pregnant?

She’s like much more active next she appeared to be before she mated.She mated having my hamster september 14 so it is about 7 days.Her days she’s suppose to be in heat, she just isn’t.She is actually ripping that card board We’ve in this cage to get her and nancy putting it in a very nest thingy. she will be The pregnancy period is definitely 2-3 days.Be completely ready for puppies, I am if you do done your own research undoubtedly, but if you ever haven’t simply just google procreation hamsters. She can be pregnant, if you wish to find out for sure bring her on the vet.

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Is my guinea pig pregnant ?

i obtained a womans guinea pig from your former breeder Month ago and i have noticed that she’s gotten wealthier and dislikes the girl stomach appearing touched(she liked it whenever we first bought her). may she end up being pregnant some of our nearest cavy savy vet is actually 4 working hours away. any help is actually appreciated probably indeed, they receive pregnent effortless.In 6TH weeks time you will know anyway.If she is she will deliver birth their self, no fuss, just keep a close eye on the woman’s if your lover does include pups. One particular minute any fat guinea pig, up coming 6 puppies or and so! Good luck Emma It sure appears like she is definitely.The pear shape is often a sign that jane is at the very least 5-6 weeks time along, if not further.It really is good in order to hear which the person you have it from can be a former breeder because no responsible breeder ought to ever market a expecting a baby sow or one that had any possibility whatsoever of being pregnant without telling the modern owner. Likelihood is that she will have a normal pregnancy as well as run only … Continue reading

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Unhealthy baby hamster?

So We’ve 5 the baby hamsters, FIVE are truly healthy, but there’s that one that is actually thin and also small.When the mother hamster occurs, all 5 nurse by her other than the tiny one.That which is happening What should i do First associated with, what age is he / she If they are older when compared with two several weeks, they can soon begin eating solids too, and this tiny one has more likelihood of tactical. Regardless, in each and every litter it will have a tiny one who won’t be able to eat using the others.My dwarf hamster not too long ago had puppies and there was clearly one of which never ate with the rest.The mom even isolated him in a very corner, and I was worried very.However, the lady nursed him or her separately, plus he mature up properly too. If he is incredibly tiny, he can be sick, and his / her mother will certainly know what to do.Mother hamsters oftentimes eat his or her babies once they are very sick, it’s part of the natural selection of course. You ought to stand back and also you shouldn’t aim to handle the particular babies in … Continue reading

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Tips on rat breading?

IN CASE IF WHENEVER IF Easily were that will breed rats we need some points.how a lot of rats must i buy Male/female…am i allowed to sell them to the pet save.i understand general health care, food, competition cleaning ect.we’d just require some tips.i know not to breed merely cant find sutible real estate i’m going to go to local family pet stores and have so dont receive upset having me..anything at all helps actually advertising..easily should offer them around my the front lawn…craigslist everything helps really First off We are a snake operator so Im not going to get upset if you ever sell to be able to the petstore:) but yea I’ve bread my very own before because Relating to 3 different sized snakes that need distinct sized test subjects.I received one male and A FEW females in the first place.I decided not to have a great deal of room; only one big A FEW story rat crate.I acquired “small” or simply weaned rat pups through the petstore rather than adults because I need to them for being tame in making handling, clean-up cage, etc easier.I went ahead plus bought 3 of the people little picket houses due … Continue reading

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If i put a rat and my hamster together is there a chance theyd get along?

we have what i do think is in all probability a gold hamster.i want to buy a rat.i learn that rats flourish with roommates.from just what i located they only mentioned another rat.but it is possible to chance if i put my hammy within a rat the will receive along No do not put individuals animals mutually! Rats are usually fantastic dogs (I private 3) and Will need to have a roommate but they are also much greater, much more powerful, and a great deal more territorial compared to hamsters.The absolute best thing which may possibly happen within this situation is the fact your rat is exceedingly docile and ignores the particular hamster, but they don’t be friends like A COUPLE OF rats are going to be.Worst circumstance scenario can be your hamster dead.If you truly would like a rat, obtain two, it’s no more operate than one and you may have delighted rats and a safe hamster. p.s Another potentially terrible scenario would be breeding, within extremely hard to find cases, different kinds of rodents could breed and grant you very unusual offspring, my little sisters rodents bred together with her hamsters…strange. A rat will kill, in addition to … Continue reading

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I saw a rat in my house last night…?

a few weeks ago i was seeing teeny droppings inside my babies room, concerning yet to place him within there (he sleeps along with me).concerning put FOUR traps inside his space and consequently no losing but very little mouse either.2weeks past i saw the sensitive mouse…i heard it ripping an entirely into that bag regarding my puppies food.Why didnt my own dog (labador retriever) react to this..i went into cooking area where my partner and i her meals are and didnt see nothing..i opened the fridge door as well as lil sensitive mouse ran by under it into the radiator..again we put traps in your kitchen by using peantbutter for two weeks and also nothing no mouse.thus we picked out the barriers up…lastnight i got out on my porch and when i walked back up my household i spotted the friggen lil computer mouse run by our eating out room go away my dog on the kitchen…than that’s where i freaked…i muted my tv and anxiously waited and watched to determine if i’d personally see this again exactly why i dont understand cause i am scared to help death particularly with my own 4mth aged..anyway post waited just staring in … Continue reading

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