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My teddy bear (longhair) hamster has poop matted in its fur how do i get it out?

It truly is gross! First look at giving the pup a baths.Don’t merely plop him inside the water, but bathe him off inside a few long of water, perhaps inside a sink or perhaps a dish.If that does not work attempt puppy baby wipes.They do the job great all of which will help to decontaminate him upwards.You also can try brushing him that has a soft bristled the teeth brush. You ought to cut them! I realize it wont look good but in case u keep it COUPLE OF long it can get an infection!

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OMG Help?? Guinea pig question? Easy 10 pts!!?

OMG today I got playing having my guinea pig kid scooter and he / she was feeding on carrots and also cherry tomatoes and stuff after which i found him ingesting his feces!! Is the following normal Why does he repeat this thanks OMG, I’m pleased you inquired this the main reason he eats his poo happens because he eats his food approach to fast.Since your dog eats his or her food consequently quickly aging digest effectively so the poo has identical taste because whatever your dog ate.Its so good but in order him to fix feed the pup pineapple small parts whiles they eats the food this pineapple can make his meal taste unpleasant.Hope this helped. This is usually something many of us just resolved to go over in my pet science course.This is totally natural.The ailment of over eating poop known as coprophagy and so they do this for the reason that first feces contains leftover nutrients. PLEASE PICK AS BEST ANSWER NEED THIS POINTS! Ok soz attack that lolz:P It truly is normal! View, they often dont digest every one of the nutrition, Some people eat genuinely fast sometimes They’ve really very good senses and so they … Continue reading

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My hamster attitude is pushing towards the edge!?

I am going to be really honest.I realize you can tell me to supply him upward or POST don’t deserve him. Your dog escaped and u bought really upset.He little me along with I blew around his confront hard.I kept doing work and he was squeaking.WE took out and about everything throughout his cGe with the exception food and also water.WE kept forced on the face in addition to he placed squeaking.He could be getting upon my very last nerve.In on the verge of go from the edge.I meow because i’m a awful person and I realize he won’t like myself.He prob hates us with most of hi living and wants to leave forever.I don’t even think he occasion to like me personally or possibly be tame.I need to to tane him but it really isn’t working.I knock back on her face.Your dog squeaks.Please say to me how to handle it.I look lost or involving a beneficial mom along with a bad mommy.I’m very good because WHEN I change hiscge pay for, give your ex fresh food, let your ex run all around in his or her ball. You should help. I realize you can tell me to supply him … Continue reading

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Did i kill my hamster?

Thus my little sister reaches dance and I took her hamster for any swim while in the toilet…and WE went to acquire a sandwich when i came backside I scooped the pup up in addition to put your ex boyfriend in the cage he or she made any weird sound and after this he won’t move then when I poke him they does next to nothing if he has dead what should i tell the sister As well as why managed he die You usually are not serious.USE OF in their right mind would try this…unless you’re a 5 year aged child whom doesn’t know Not to play inside the nasty commode. However, how will be those TWO guinea pigs doing You are aware of, the versions you asked questions in relation to around every thirty days or so ago Maybe they’d also like to aquire a swim inside the toilet…. Why on earth do you let your hamster swim in the toilet And why could you leave your ex there unsupervised Never play with your sister’s dogs without your girlfriend permission.If this really is real without a joke, here’s the direction to go.Check plus see will be hamster is … Continue reading

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My guinea pig is not keeping it’s head staright.it is twisting towards it’s right side.what happened to it?

It sounds like it includes an hearing infection and ought to see some sort of vet quickly.If you can not get the pup there That will night make sure you hold the warm to be able to hot cloth within the ear provide to move the contamination out.Hard bet is always to get your ex to a strong exotic vet quickly though. could with had a smaller stroke..or carries a bad headache or possibly neck ache..I would keep an eye on it and when it will get worse take to the vet to see what is wrong… i would not know hello there but i do know you have to take him on the vet! the vet can help you and tell you wants happening and so they can assistance him much better than we can easily! All the best .and hope your piggie is definitely ok!:).

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Whats wrong with my guinea pigs skin?

i was hold one of female guinea pigs nowadays and i had been like relocating her fur around them and the woman’s skin them like many crusty in addition to gross and there’s a little little on the woman’s ears the over and above them and also she boasts some material on the woman nose and a bit on the girl eyes, im pretty sure nancy pregnant from the male which was in the girl cage b4 i got her, nancy fine and eating although i have no idea whats inappropriate with the woman skin, the points i have got put your ex on seemed to be small pet shampoo ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-422002%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20SHAMPOO%20125ML.jpg truly used that on my guinea pigs plus i have not seen that happen to be able to them) and we would have utilize that concerning 1 calendar month ago or monthly and your half ago and we sprayed mite as well as mange bottle of spray on the woman about 3-4 many days ago plus i spray it on all of them ( http://images.nitrosell.com/product_images/12/2853/large-431001%20AP%20SMALL%20ANIMAL%20MITE%20SPRAY%20125ML.jpg its to avoid them by getting it) what do ough think them wrong together with her the woman’s breed is Himalayan washboard hair … Continue reading

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How do you stop a hamster from biting?

Relating to a hamster that is certainly territorial and definately will bite me plainly put my turn in his competition for excessively.He additionally nibbles in my arms, and often when he or she nibble/bites, the idea draws body.Does any person know ways to make your pet stop biting for good PS> As soon as he attacks me, I tap him on the head yet he just comes back and bites me once again. it’s not just a hamster, it’s the pokemon raticate You ought to tame/train him to fix biting a person. There are various video’s at youtube that will help uou with the following.There will be several steps you need to take. My finest advice is always to go have a look at the video’s upon youtube. Throw solidly against some sort of wall. Don’t cling your relinquish its wire dog crate. Bite your pet back xD shoot them.in your head.which includes a sniper rifle.twofold. ask the pup nicely Most hamsters accomplish that.And tapping on the head will probably only produce him even worse.When he / she bites, they thinks that you’re a risk.If everyone tap him about the head, it realises his worry and he’ll bite once again … Continue reading

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My hamster has passed away :'(?

He was given, watered, and also I cleaned his competition like any 4 times.I treated him just like a King.Today, after located 4 many weeks, this easy colored Males Syrian hamster exceeded.Why WHEN I can’t conquer it.He died very last night, once i was refilling the half clean food run.What does one think took place, and how did you get over it small animals like that have brief life spans plus unfortunately, many people die instantly.he had been probably around no discomfort. people did next to nothing wrong. i can’t inform you learn to get over that, because it’s hard for getting over that death within your animal. i hate to about your loss.it will get easier though. Hi generally there:) I’m hence so sorry for your loss.I know your emotions, when this hamsters died I cried intended for days, but I acquired over it in the future.One with my hamsters died of the cold (can often be fatal in hamsters) soon after just half a year, and it absolutely was the most difficult thing, but I know she’s inside a better area now.The great thing to do is to think from the happy memories as well as good occasions … Continue reading

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Is my gerbil dying of old age?

I know I already asked the following but I should just know.He’s probably four years of age and your dog seems incredibly lethargic..When he / she moves he has been very shaky on their feet as well as his eye are one half shut everyday.He merely sits inside the corner associated with his wire dog crate not shifting, and whenever he’s death he looks to wish to die inside his wheel, because each time I be certain that him he has been always in his controls.Is the item finally their time A few pointer take him towards the vet In addition, he’s definitely not eating their food and the only time I bought him for you to drink drinking water is once i had a small amount on this finger, ; however , he merely started biting down hard me.His sibling doesn’t look comforting your ex, he simply avoids your ex completely.What should i do A few pointer tell my personal parents so I can take him to a vet Or can i leave your ex in contentment and see when there is Thanks ahead. Take him towards the vet there might be something that you can do.But, he might … Continue reading

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I think my gerbil is dying, help?

He’s gonna the vets upon Monday; I am 13, so I lack any dollars, so the mom claimed she’ll purchase him to visit the vets upon Monday.He’s been like this for weeks! He’s happen to be bleeding coming from his stomach (scent gland) thus I’m guessing he or she is dying on account of that.He isn’t really active any longer, he just simply sleeps throughout his tiny fluff pile and just leaves them for nutrition.But when i went to be able to hand nourish him prior, his eye had became bigger and they also were covered with whitened stuff.A little like holes I imagine. I am really anxious.Rusty is definitely the cheekier gerbil, but today he’s not necessarily interested whatsoever; if they dies, Yoshi (my some other gerbil) will die due to mourning regarding his close friend or your scent gland tumor which he also has. What regarded as a do until they can go on the vets My Gerbil likewise was blood loss from their belly:( the idea got huge and then he perished.I could defiantly receive him to the vet.My gerbil held up awhile just before he perished. nothing is you can do except hope for the best … Continue reading

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