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Any snacks for a hammy?

What snacks can one give my personal hammy He has a charcoal teddy endure called Oscar:D i understand you can grant them corn flakes :but what exactly else Thankss:D My hamsters possess always Dearly loved piece involving shredded cheese.You will be able to present them a couple but test out out how they are doing with 1 piece primary! Good chance experimenting having new hammy ingredients! (: Like the primary answer mentioned yogurt drops are a favorite regarding hamsters.They are like 5$ a new bag.But unless you feel for instance spending money locations cheap snacks you’ll be able to give it you most likely already have in your house:Cheese, lettuce, apple, banana, mango(my hamster, Theodore loves mango! ), mineral water melon, carrot, tomato, peas, frequent bread, broccoli, cantaloupe, for example.A hamster can pretty much eat anything at all besides java, chocolate and various foods that contains caffeine plus theorobromine.Just remember these are generally snacks thus don’t give it in your hammy extra then Two times a full week, especially your fruit that could cause diarrhea(wet-tail) that may be deadly with a hamster or properly plus quickly curable.Hope that helped! here is often a HUGE record: http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsteruniversity/foodlist.html POST also yes my … Continue reading

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How to clean a guinea pig’s cage?

I know how to clean that…but what kills almost all bacteria as well as stuff Other than hot water Vinegar/water solution is great regarding an animal cage.Pour water into a bottle halfway after which you can pour 1 / 2 vinegar.Spray it to the cage then wipe it using a rag, scrubbing any troublesome spots.Longing for you .the aroma of vinegar will be too strong, wipe the areas where by you sprayed which has a wet gauze. if it is just a c&c ring, don’t use water due to the fact water is not really good on the coroplast. If it is just a normal ring, get your spray bottle with the dollar keep, and fill up half in the bottle by using warm h2o, and also the other 1 / 2 with WHITE WINE vinegar. The key reason why i capitalized white is because there are several types of vinegar, (apple cider vinegar, homemade wine vinegar, grain vinegar, ETC) and the only one that works is WHITE vinegar.so usually do not go purchase apple cider vinegar as an example, and anticipate it to operate.:) All the best! x A mixture of water along with vinegar should do just as … Continue reading

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Guinea pig that had just undergone surgery and won’t eat or drink?

My personal guinea pig got a lump removed from her again about 7 days ago.She wasn’t active a lot, and she has stopped eating and sipping.We happen to be feeding the woman water by way of a syringe as well as been offering her a lot of food, however she will not likely eat along with she’s consequently thin! She in addition keeps squeaking along with twitching and setting up. Make sure you help. You want to get her towards the vet asap, and until that point feed the woman her pellets surface up while in the blinder as well as mix these individuals in cozy water, them feed them to help her with all the syringe.Whenever you get her towards the vet gather Critical Caution, it is a powdered solution for sick and tired and underneath weight guinea pigs that you mix along with warm mineral water and fed using a syringe, We’ve been capable to keep some sort of guinea pig in existence for 14 days by using it when your woman was to sick to be able to eat, about the 15 day time she initiated to take in.What happens to guinea pigs is their hormones get … Continue reading

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Hi, does anybody know if the OVO water bottle will fit on the Critter Trail Tube system?

Would be the Habittrail OVO, Penn Plax SAM along with Super Pet Crittertrail tubes identical fit.I enjoy the OVO products and already enjoy a elaberate tunnel set-up by Crittertrail.The challenge is that one of my own cheaper cages incorporates a terrible drinking water bottle along with I’m sick and tired of the dampness created by having a dish of h2o sitting indoors where these are constantly burrowing plus wetting every little thing.It can not be good to get them.I’ve received an unoccupied portal using a Crittertrail esophagus just pleading for one of many OVO mineral water bottles right beside thier “kitchen”.Can it job Anyone Thanks probably.

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My hamsters drinking to much what should i do?

(harley) our own newly adopted hamster, was rescued from a old space mate who kept her using a freezer pertaining to 7 many months she wines a 4oz bottle of wine of mineral water in roughly a while.what should i do she’s roughly on the year old If his / her living problems weren’t wonderful then It’s safe to advise your check up at the vet to ensure he’s nutritious.A large amount of hamsters start showing symptoms across the 1.SOME year tag.There are a few conditions which produce the hamster excessively thirsty.if that diet was changed dramatically in a short period of time, the hamster may get an angry tummy.Their response is sometimes to drink numerous water to be able to flush out their models.You should get pyometra reigned over out.That may be an infection from the uterus throughout females that will be living threatening. Everyone to tiny Harley! This may sound extremely excessive, was this specific a one off or maybe you have monitored the woman over claim a TWENTY-FOUR hour time by paying attention to her drinking water bottle and seeing the amount she features drunk over on this occasion. I’m unfortunately that like humans which drink too … Continue reading

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Can I give my guinea pig a bath?

Im obtaining a baby guinea pig in 15 days and i know they gets dirty after that droppings so i used to be wondering easily could supply it the bath Certainly one of my pals say absolutely no but one more friend pronounces yes consequently i just need to know Can easily You There is you should not ever provide a guinea pig a new bath so long as you adequately clean their own cage.Guinea pigs create a white fluid of their eyes that they work within fur with their front paws, this can be their organic conditioner.Once you bathe them you wash this out and damage their little skin. If the guinea pig should have diarrhea you can bathe it using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.Use cozy water remember their organic temperature can be 101 to be able to 102 so you want the lake to be that warm and not much warmer.Rinse out the many shampoo in addition to towel dry, then use your locks dryer on low give hold the idea 12″ from the guinea pig together with your hand among the guinea pig and also the dryer to make sure it won’t get to hot all of which … Continue reading

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Should i switch to a water bottle?

Alright so we have been using a bowl intended for water pertaining to my rodents and im gonna switch to some water wine bottle will they know how to use it they’ve been utilizing a waterdish since we were holding in that petstore and since they’ve been having me..they want been by using me for any week.answer ASAP yeah they will figure it out pretty quickly my rats do!!:) yeah i believe u should Initially, don’t have the bowl away nevertheless keep both the water package and bowl will show the actual rats that you can find water inside the bottle sometimes contain the wate bottle before their encounter and touch the look at their pelt, so they will know you can find water in the end they will become using it while you take your bowl away mineral water bottles usually are cleaner, more hygenic along with easier available for you. I educated my rabbit to make use of the h2o bottle the identical way I just told oughout and she always drinks from this.:) Show these individuals it along with run ones finger contrary to the ball so it’s moist.They’ll have thirsty along with lick the lake droplet … Continue reading

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Is my bunny drinking too much?

I have a 3 OR MORE 1/2 four week period old guy holland lop in addition to I’ve seen he drinks considerably! He also helpful to eat a ton of timothy hay every day, but POST reduced this by obtaining him any hay feeder. Anyhow, I set gatorade in his mineral water because he / she isn’t employed to the waters from my personal house nevertheless (he’s continue to adjusting from your breeder’s water, where I acquired him) and also he’s alocohol consumption atleast the complete bottle every 2-3 days. Is this bad Or is it good intended for him for being drinking this much Btw POST also seriously dilute that gatorade I feel your bunny is merely fine.Water is really healthy, hence I estimate it’s good for your pet:) Although gatorade is just not a perfect supplement with regard to an canine diluted or maybe not…..test using bottled normal water instead…and definitely a whole lot cheaper compared to gatorade. But also sometimes creatures will acquire nervous ticks sometimes similar to excessive normal water drinking. Pinch your skin layer on the rabbits back of course , if it continues raised for two seconds…in that case your bunny is dried out.but … Continue reading

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Why did my hamster just bite me?

I was just keeping my hamster and also letting your pet roam all-around on my personal chest but stroking him together so they couldnt simply jump off of me (so I know it wasnt because We were holding your pet too tight) when out of the blue he bit my blank arm:he’s simply ever little bit me as soon as before however it wasnt really a bite ?t had been a nip and thus was this kind of.And I’d just feasted him offered him mineral water and afforded him the carrot AND an item of wood to help chew therefore please no person suggest the because im neglecting your pet! But i do not know why they would chew:S soon after he does it i was so furious i placed him and shouted halt and he looked quite scared then i put him instruction online his crate and bought him some sort of ‘time out’ that is basically my family not using with your ex boyfriend anymore consequently hopefully he’ll realise just what exactly he have was incorrect and he / she wont do it again which my spouse and i doubt could happen tbh.But he usually knows to not … Continue reading

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Pregnant hamster or not pregnant ?

This hamster mated FIFTEEN days ago she has bigger waist nipple tiny bit bigger manufactured nest along with stored nutrition less energetic (lots of yawning plus stretching) but haven’t had the girl babies..yet are these claims normal include the babies simply late Well, each of the hallmarks are there, such because nesting, inflamed belly in addition to nipples, plus storing a lot more food.Ensure she can be undisturbed for any next day or two and merely wait a little bit longer.If jane is indeed expectant, you’ll notice the children in a short time. Recall though: -Don’t hint the babies! If some people wander out from the nest, your mother will bring all of them back. -If buy a mineral water dish, put pebbles in the container to avert the little ones from drowning. -Don’t tackle mum right until the babies undoubtedly are a little elderly. -The babies might be handled after they have the full covering involving fur and open sight. Well the avrage occasion for maternity is 16 to 11 days so you will find out in the near future!:).

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