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Is my guinea pig having trouble eating her hay?

I acquired to underneath of your hay case, and the hay is usually all from a little pieces end of it.Is this guinea pig obtaining trouble feeding on the hay..Cause usually next time i give her hay the lady would virtually eat all of it..But your woman didn’t these days..The bowl was continue to full.So a few pointer just open an innovative bag involving hay or maybe leave your ex alone Btw, how do people make certain the hay includes no mites And also why carry out people pick Kaytee’s Timothy Hay alot She sometimes have overgrown the teeth or that portion of the hay aren’t as good.You can wait and determine if it proceeds.If it will bring her to some vet to own her enamel checked. The entire parasites throughout hay/bedding will not make sense in my experience.Parasites will need a coordinator to survive.Im certainly not saying it does not happen.It may.It just doesn’t help to make sense.WHEN I don’t carry out anything.You may freeze it if you would like kill anything which may be at this time there. I do not know why folks chose kaytee.WHEN I guess the just offered everywhere.Its a common brand.Its as well not … Continue reading

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Guinea pig hay question?

Should this make of hay mail to The us (Ontario.) Do you believe this is a good brand associated with hay I’m sure the very best brands associated with hay will be:Kleenmama’s, Oxbow, along with Sweetmeadow Plantation.But Kleenmama’s hay has shipping prices far too high! Along with I seen Oxbow hay isn’t as very good anymore seeing that they commenced dealing their hay for you to Petsmart, along with Petco; Is this true If a person buy hay from a pet purchase or over the web you are usually wasting a ton of money and never getting a great product.Hay with the bale is literally 1/10th the cost for a better product.Hunt for feed merchants or village supply suppliers or sites that help the horse/riding group.You might find these in urban centers, not simply just out within the boondocks.Nearly all sell both small, compressed bales associated with hay or perhaps will offer you some sort of “chip” with hay that’s a a part of a bale.Buying a chip is higher end per pound than the usual bale however still manner cheaper and much better than from any pet purchase or simply by mail. Hay over the web wont really be … Continue reading

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Help gerbils had a fight?!?

My own gerbils (both females) broke right into a random fight, I have seperated these individuals although that they both get blood on them:( they have got been together since the RSPCA rescued all of them which could well be about 2 rice (not sure should they are related) but they have been great.I did have got a 3rd gerbil nonetheless ufortuantly she died thirty days ago:( and so these not one but two are off to the vets this specific morning (Saturday) I became wondering do gerbils normally break in to random quarrels Can my gerbil likewise drink away from a previous food pan as Concerning no extra water bottles left Thankyou! I recommend getting an additional water bottle, and women do tend to be aggressive than males.It looks like your gerbils weren’t raised along, it has been a combat for dominance, so your best matter is to maintain them divided, and try to reintroduce them while using the split crate method, in any other case, keep a close eye on them rather than let them be together on their own without anyone.Google symptoms of gerbil aggression, it can help you identify signals that we will have another fight, … Continue reading

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Where can I buy a syrian hamster in MN?

I’m looking for a baby syrian hamster with regard to my boy’s 8th birthday in the future.I’m possessing trouble tips on finding the syrian breed at family pet stores and would opt for purchasing originating from a breeder which has tamed these folks.I live in the rest of the world metro area of MN.Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated! http://www.yahoo and google.com.au/#pq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sal+in+metro+mn&hl=en&sugexp=gsis%2Ci18n%3Dtrue&cp=36&gs_id=1r&xhr=t&q=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.COUPLE OF, or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c6fd68fd74b1c50d&biw=1024&bih=475.

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Can hamsters eat fried potatoes?

effectively for breakfast my mother fried ” up ” some carrots with garlic.will this beok to offer them one theyre structure up so it shuldnt always be too terrible. No WHEN I honestly may not, stick in order to what some people normally take, and give them some very well chopped upward carrots and many ROMAINE lettuce, locations foods you are able to give ones hamster: – Any kind of greens :Any great fruits, just like apples.Zero sours including oranges Google even more. potatoes are very bad for hamsters.Adequate garlic, that causes it to become even more intense. Yes, And we can eat fried hamsters.Flavor it..It’s delicious..Hamster meat is probably the best delicacies on earth..I extremely recommend this. Please do not give a person’s hamster this! Oil is harmful to them and it also may create them suffering! No the particular oils harmful to them. hamsters should stay with there own food hamsters aren’t able to eat prepared food merely specific live food.

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Can someone answer these questions?

http://answers.google.com/question/index; _ylt=AhlobENfk0PMBtwyuhJwNdbsy6IX; _ylv=3qid=20110919104703AAx8rSO http://answers.google.com/question/index; _ylt=AtcVMb.mm_vfqK_SyVL626nsy6IX; _ylv=3qid=20110919105416AAs3ck6 I managed.

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I’m getting a hamster! I want the perfect cage. ?

WE live in the us. What just what be a great cage to get a Syrian hamster Coming from petco, petsmart, amazon or perhaps any website.Thanks! ware pure hamster crate, my hamster Hansel provides this parrot cage and adores it! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686102t400.jpg or you can get the just one for rodents! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686103r200.jpg equally are out of petsmart:) hope i aided:D To be honest post wouldn’t recomend any belonging to the following other people stated.I bought my hamster your plastic pile from walmart.You can get it at target nevertheless too.It works perfectly in particular when you obtain a long along with wide just one.Go to help google plus search pile cages and also youll know what im speaking about.But for your holes around the lid have your dad/boyfriend as well as anykne that has a drill and still have them drill down quarter dimension holes inside the lid.For the water battle i just now got any watter botter card owner from petco ductaped that on and squeeze water bottle inside it.It never falls off along with the cage remains in courtesy.Hope the following helped you. My favorite type of cage could be the glass fish tank.I know most people frown on such … Continue reading

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Ok is my hamster pregnant?

She’s like much more active next she appeared to be before she mated.She mated having my hamster september 14 so it is about 7 days.Her days she’s suppose to be in heat, she just isn’t.She is actually ripping that card board We’ve in this cage to get her and nancy putting it in a very nest thingy. she will be The pregnancy period is definitely 2-3 days.Be completely ready for puppies, I am if you do done your own research undoubtedly, but if you ever haven’t simply just google procreation hamsters. She can be pregnant, if you wish to find out for sure bring her on the vet.

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Does a pregnant hamster have to have the little nipples visible on her side?

And what i mean by that’s do this nipples about her sides should be extremely visible to be able to know nancy pregnant yer, they would be like extremely extremely visible on the end involving her pregnancy yes the get it done is normal for these individuals but in case you not positive abut me just head to google and also see just what they express.

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Will one of these cages work for 2 male rats?

1 — http://regina.kijiji.ca/c-pets-accessories-white-bird-cage-x-2-W0QQAdIdZ311784171 That one DOES NOT come with accesories, it’s really a bird parrot cage, if we all put plastic or material crates in for climbing would it work #2 — http://regina.kijiji.ca/c-pets-accessories-MEDIUM-SIZE-BIRDCAGE-W0QQAdIdZ314458348 Now that one is as well a chicken cage, will this specific work WHEN I can’t 100 % tell for the reason that pic is taken by the wrong opinion. Okay, unless you discover a MAJOR rat ring under $100, greater than 4 cubic toes, post some sort of link, will probably be appreciated.Straightforward 10 details.Please assistance, I Need rats, 11 year outdated girl.Responsibly and has become searching these individuals to death since January the ideal cage may be the critter state but is much money in relation to $100-250 but a fantastic for about 2-3 rodents is http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_i the one problems with this cage is always that its hard to clean and its constructed from plastic as well as ur subjects might chew up the nasty (mine dont) i will be getting the following cage regarding chirstmas pertaining to my COUPLE OF rats their $80 in amazon inside australia. if this particular cage could be to expensive then i would go with the second one particular … Continue reading

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