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Can you feed a hamster goldfish?

Whenever they are crackers, simply no. You are able to give the pup small bits of fruit flesh, veggies as well as plain cereal like Special NITED KINGDOM or Cheerios. i hope you necessarily mean the cracker just in case so no goldfish need to many perservetives in addition to salt which in the long run cause a lot of heath problems in your hmastter possibly try a bit vegtable or buy a few treats in the store hamsters adore yogurt drops If it is the cracker, in that case no.Way too much sodium and unidentified ingredients that might harm the pup, that is human meal.If you intend to give your ex boyfriend treats, go out and however some hamster protected yogurt covered pretzels. No, that would not be any wise move to make.Some belonging to the ingredients inside goldfish could harm your current little buddy. Crackers, appropriate:P Simply no, too salty, so many preservatives, and so on. You are able to give them some plain cheerios or a plain unflavored exploit bone. If the the party cracker OR this fish, simply no.Too quite a few harmful items.How concerning something more natural Yes, what’s more , it works other way … Continue reading

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I have three female gerbils. My friend gave me her male hamster and I was wondering if I can put them together?

Your girbils tend to be about annually old, this hamster is probly practically two.If they can choose together, do Need to worry related to them mating Gerbils and also hamsters are unable to produce offspring since they are different race.However, you still can not house them together. Hamsters tend to be extremely sole animals and can fight and make an attempt to kill anything that invades its space.Different species ought not be mixed.They will fight in addition to kill oneself, not to say it will probably stress all of these books out.The hamster has to be kept separated constantly from the actual gerbils. On the side notice, gerbils and hamsters own different construction and eating habits needs, so there isn’t any possible way you can house these individuals together with out making one particular or both equally suffer. Best to not mix several species:) It can be of absolutely no benefit to them, since they cannot communicate together anyways. Yeah similar to the person over said, they won’t have babies because Hamsters along with Gerbils are different species.Its as being a goldfish mating having a seahorse, the item just won’t happen. Don’t ever put your Hamster with some other pets … Continue reading

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How to conince my mom to let me have a guinea pig?

I’m saving up for the money to obtain the guinea pig.I bought all the actual research completed, but the mom is a lot like no.She’s nevertheless it’s this dad’s plus her house hold.She affirms she doesn’t want every animals throughout thee house hold.I just are not aware of what to do to persuade her and also tell your girlfriend I’m really responsible l. Try your “it’s my personal room” issue.Haha, kidding.But allow her realise that if Buy blankets, there defintely won’t be any wooden chip play.They don’t smell terrible if you Properly clear their messes often, and they’re generally incredibly quiet.They may be cute, cuddly plus lovable, and don’t occupy much space at all.They have grown cheap to care for once you will have already decided to buy the cage as well as the guinea pig by itself.Wal mart provides bags regarding food that will last with a month for lower than $5, as well as other chewable accessories very rarely over $3 an item, almost continually being $1 or $2.(:if will not work, idk:( nevertheless the best of luck to people! Start off having a nice goldfish. LEARN THAT WILL SPELL! Maybe then she will take people seriously.

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Can i put my gold fish with baby turtle i have R.E.S turtle?

The particular fish is much like 3in it depends on how significant your sea food and turtle ur.If that turtles bigger than the goldfish it might eat it, if this fish is definitely bigger than the turtle compared to it ought to b okay.if they’re similar size than it must b great to or even u can certainly just hold them within a big aquarium. Anticipation that’s handy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I wouldnt recommend putting a new fish around your turtle.Turtles love fish and also if it is too small today its quickly to assault the terrible fish.Your turtle should also have fifty percent land that will dry their particular shells off they can’t just swim from a tank right through the day they will over fatigue their selfs.If you’d like your species of fish then continue it far from the turtle. Bad idea if you want to keep your own fish. Even though the goldfish is definitely too big to get consumed entire, your turtle can (and will) go at it really is fins, which often, if the item gets ample of the item, will obliterate it from drowning due to it being can not get your movement connected with water as … Continue reading

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My turtle died unexpectedly?

I’d a RES for three-in-a-half many years.The turtle was residing in a 55-gallon reservoir filled almost for the top.The turtle was able to be the Turtle Mattress topper, with the yellow-belly friend.There had been two carrier size goldfish more than one schools of minnows.Once i left for you to Orlando, Florida for your month, the particular turtle sound fine, it turned out eating often and interacted ordinarily.When Thought about arrived again, I located the turtle’s shell end of it looking amazingly white along with shedding, there is nothing indoors.His our bones were scattered over the tank.I believe the reason for death may be that Used to do not give you a basking light, although I got in the act of goal.The turtle have a historical past of possibly not eating, but each time a light was given it initiated to consume.This wasn’t the difficulty.So have been there almost every other factors The actual turtle’s container was thoroughly clean and kept clean.(also, the prior owner simply had your turtle with regard to less then thirty days before he gave it in my opinion.The turtle was a baby with the time) well, you left for your month seemed to be there any … Continue reading

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Can i put my 3 inch mississipi map turtle with a 1inch western painted turtle?

my own mississippi map is actually nice doesnt chunk or burden the species of fish so we were just wanting to know if generally there both related and need similar care At the actual store MY PARTNER AND I work during we residence several greater painted turtles along with three smaller florida road turtles.It’s been this way for some time and thus far no you’ve got died or even gotten injure.They the two need the basics, mostly water from the tank with a good ledge they might use to obtain completely right out the water once they want for you to, a warmth lamp, in addition to food.Painted turtles can get kinda nippy whenever older, and while they are often fed turtle pellets a few might also endeavor to eat little fish, the truth is we commonly let loose a couple of goldfish within the enclosure coupled with feeding pellets so as long as they get specially hungry they’ve got some more protein about. So, your turtles needs to be fine jointly, I’d be more concerned concerning your fish in the foreseeable future. Yes you can.If an individual notice every aggression, you should separate these people.Maps ordinarily aren’t hostile, but … Continue reading

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Do i need air pump for feeder fish for my turtle tank?

relating to a 30 gal tank with JUST ONE res when i wanna start out him along with feeder fish do i need any airpump for feeder fish You don’t need a strong air pump.Get guppies (never goldfish).Provide aquatic plants to the turtle and also the fish.Guppies will certainly reproduce and prevent your turtles fed for a long time.If you are doing water exchanges, you should carefully complement water temps, to maintain your guppies still living.It’s additionally advisable to use chlorine-clearing drops towards water that you are adding.Therefore you do must care for any fish somewhat, but atmosphere pumps usually are not needed. …

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Savannah Monitor questions!? Help!?

Hi there:) YOU.Well my roommate incorporates a cat, will certainly the lizard (when it really is bigger) feed on it COUPLE OF.What is actually it’s most important diet THREE OR MORE.How big on the housing regarded as a make pertaining to it FOUR.What will be the basic desires and cares for you the monitor needs SOME.And in case there’s everthing else can people please inform me SIX.How often can i feed this monitor from young age to person hood Sorry in the event it’s an excessive amount…Thanks much!! Sabrina No the offense, but dependant on your doubts, I genuinely hope anyone with considering buying one of these brilliant anytime in the near future.Just because they are low-cost and often available does not necessarily follow that there’re for newcomers.As very much as I love reptiles, I wish they might stop importing savannah coomputer sceens.I’m sick and tired of seeing very little kids getting savannah coomputer sceens for under twenty bucks at reptile expos.No trustworthy reptile car dealership would offer these to a kid.If they were fantastic pets for everyone, then Craig’s List won’t be overloaded with advertising for savannah displays.Do extra research plus maybe in quite a while you will be … Continue reading

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Should i get a pacman frog?

i like frogs soooo much im not scared of insects i dont like mice i have 3 other pets a cat a hamster and a goldfish should i get one?? I really like pacman frogs, I have 5 of them.But they are an animal that you have to appreciate.They are big eaters when they are babies, but once they are full size they don’t eat as much.They are also a very sedentary frog, meaning they will spend weeks just sitting in one spot and rarely do they move.Lots of new frog owners end up getting bored of their pacman frogs because they don’t do anything. So if you are looking for an active frog, the African Clawed Frogs or Fire Belly Toads might be more interesting for you. Pacmans are really hardy frogs though which makes them a good beginner frog. Their diet should be primarily insects.I feed mine Dubia Roaches, Crickets, Red Wrigglers, and European Nightcrawlers.You always want to make sure that you are feeding CB (Captive Bred) insects.WC (Wild Caught) insects can be harboring parasites, chemicals and various other nasties that can be harmful to your frog. Mice and rodents in general, are something that shouldn’t be fed … Continue reading

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I have a 20 gallon tank and want a reptile. What is best?

I currently own 3 purple claw hermit crabs in a 15 gal, A betta in a 5 gallon and a fancy oranda goldfish in a 30 gallon. I have a 20 gallon tank that used to hold my pet rat.I am very interested in getting a reptile.But snakes, as much as they are awesome I do not want to feed them dead mice. I am thinking a leopard gecko, or something i can handle. And can you feed lizards more than bugs? can you buy premade lizaed food? Just curious thanks!!! Hooray! I’m super excited to hear that you actually gave your animals enough room.Bettas, goldfish, and hermit crabs need lots more room than people usually think.Thank you! 🙂 As for 20 gallons, I’d suggest frogs.There are sooo many frog species that do well in a 20 gallon! You could also try a leopard gecko, green anoles, long-tailed grass lizard, there are some small snake species that will do okay, etc. Snakes are typically quite handle-able (depending on the species, of course).Frogs can be handled, but chemicals on their skin and on your skin make handling not-so-great, and you shouldn’t handle them often.Leopard geckos seem to be okay with some … Continue reading

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