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Where can I buy a syrian hamster in MN?

I’m looking for a baby syrian hamster with regard to my boy’s 8th birthday in the future.I’m possessing trouble tips on finding the syrian breed at family pet stores and would opt for purchasing originating from a breeder which has tamed these folks.I live in the rest of the world metro area of MN.Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated! http://www.yahoo and google.com.au/#pq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sal+in+metro+mn&hl=en&sugexp=gsis%2Ci18n%3Dtrue&cp=36&gs_id=1r&xhr=t&q=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.COUPLE OF, or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c6fd68fd74b1c50d&biw=1024&bih=475.

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Introducing another female rat to my female rat,?

im thinking of buying the female rat from a person not not even close to me, but its just one and i am aware rats plan to have corporation, so could it possibly be ok basically introduce a different female rat to help her as well as would they fight 13.I usually have rats at your house, are right now there any particular precautions MY SPOUSE AND I should take when bringing new subjects home When delivering your subjects home for you to other test subjects PLEASE make sure quarantine for a minimum of two days – some weeks is best.If possible this would be in a totally different area than your own other subjects, but probably have be absolute to do this in several rooms.Cope with your unique rats primary, and then the fresh ones…then make sure to wash hands and allow a couple of hours before knowledge ? to a person’s old rats. To prevent bringing almost any diseases or even parasites home to your rats, there are numerous precautions it is possible to take.Avoid planning to pet retailers that sell off rats — mites along with lice are very common, but in addition very risky viruses just … Continue reading

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Any tips on pet rats / cage suggestions for me?

Hello guys, i assume my mum has last but not least been confident to i want to get some rats, i should be able about 40- 50 and i realize that’s not very much but there are several good rat cages for the price i am aware.do an individual guys include any suggestions from knowledge or general tricks of owning rats thanks.Charlotte x If you happen to be gonna have a rat we would suggest acquiring two.They keep oneself clean, keep oneself company along with keep oneself warm. When you are still adamant on getting just one, then you will have HAVE Must play by using it for NO LESS THAN 2-3 a long time everyday.You have to be careful although, some subjects will basically get depressed with no little buddy. Rats could possibly get a little expensive, but only in the beginning.But it is the same having any family pet really.Getting prepared may be the hardest element. But it appears like you’re hoping to get more after that one, that is certainly awesome.You ought to still require them out to experience, find very little things they’ll use to experience with, i like the pea-search video game.You employ a small … Continue reading

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Choose guinea pig name out of options?!!?

pertaining to my pearly white guinea pig- please help myself name him or her choose one particular name, please really feel free to give me names that you suggest yourself but additionally pick one name i always HAVE STATED, thanks SOME SORT OF.Little Timmy B.Small Tommy D.Little Johnny D.Johhny Kid AGE.Timmy Kid F.Tommy Boy A. Or even… Speckles. Tinkerbell. Snowy. Pearlyboy. Speckles. Snuggles. Cuddles. I similar to Little Timmy, plus Johnny Child.:) Basically had any white or maybe albino family pet I’d appoint it some thing cool for instance Frost, or even Frosty.Furry friend names tend to be hard nonetheless my chinchilla’s name is Oreo, our hedgehog’s is definitely Dexter, plus my boyfriend’s ferret’s titles are Boogle in addition to Kiki. Other cool titles are Smokey, Piece of food, Oscar, plus Sunny.I won’t be able to remember any further right ever since I such as. Good luck, I hope you decide on a fine name on your new guinea piggy!:) B I similar to Little Timmy. Choice SOME SORT OF. However Snow, Snowflake, and so forth is kinda cute also. Little Timmy is so sweet use which name! I like Johnny son or you can actually name your pet Snowy … Continue reading

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How often are you supposed to handle your baby guinea pig?

I just got some sort of baby piggie some days before and my own fiance and I really like him! We all play using him each day, multiple times a day.We will administer him out there and remainder him with our chests so they can feel people breathing, even though we family pet him.Then, we can put him instruction online the competition to make him wander around plus do the thing.With regards to 15 moments later, we’ll take your pet out yet again, etc.I am doing that so they gets used to our touching and senses comfortable inside our presence.Is it excessive to experiment with with your pet multiple times each day, and if you are, how frequently is best The extra you tackle him better, putting him back frequently is wise precisely as it is instructing him to keep his bladder and also poo until finally her could go house to vacant them.Even though what some individuals may say providing one guinea pig gets as a minimum 2 several hours of one particular on one time per day they certainly just good alone, well most of then carry out, you could fine one here in addition to there that … Continue reading

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Where is the best place to buy a healthy chinese hamster?

i will be thinking about getting a chinese dwarf hamster.Most effective for you my first hamster and i’d prefer to secure a nice balanced one.where should i buy it big current market…sf Look pertaining to breeders all over your spot or find one originating from a trusted family pet shop towards you.Sorry, i’ve only ever endured syrians hence…

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Can you return a guinea pig back to a store?

I’ve a guinea pig that i got during petland and i want to go back it.Can WHEN I do this As long precisely as it has not been longer when compared with 15 a short time most family dog stores will administer back the actual guinea pig, most normally though it has to be sick, I truly have not got word of them agreeing to back mainly because you adjusted your thought process, maybe you might luck out plus they will although, heavens has learned we do not want you keep the animal you cannot like precisely as it will possibly not get proper attention. Its unlikely them to gives you the funds back but its potential they may assume back.I might advise you rise to a new re-homing shelter. sure, i need to mine delivered when that fighted while using other just one but my spouse and i felt sorry for it and retained it i do think u need to stop along with think like i did or in case u really want u can grant it the government financial aid 14 times after perchase go to be able to petland and ask them.they’re the most effective people … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Sites/Breeders/Shelters?

My organization is thinking of purchasing a Himalayan Guinea Pig, and We were wondering knowing a website I can order just one from In case you are likely to list a breeder or perhaps shelter, I are now living Southern Nj-new jersey.I can go as much as N.FUL.but that may be it.Thanks a ton! i received my himalayan at a pet shop i didn’t even learn until a short time later while i could discover her ears changing coloring, but i are now living Australia plus there healthy in dog shops Check this spca, or even other family pet shelters, also you can actually go to your pet shop.

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Feeding Cost of mice, gerbils, hamster per month?

My business is interested around getting whether couple mice, a few gerbils, or one particular hamster therefore when you have one or over of most of these pets would you give me an idea on the feeding charge per month Thanks! I possess 4 rodents.So we cant definitely say in regards to the others although for rodents i commonly spend concerning.20 money every TWO – ONLY TWO 1/2 several weeks.And that’s after i buy snacks at the same time.I’ll as well suggest the best website you’ll be able to examine if ones really serious about mice.Its totally free to register and once you register you’ll be able to ask countless questions when you like from the forum. http://www.thefunmouse.com/index.cfm Expectation this allows:) well a new bag of food should last you brand new, but you will need to get these individuals new games, treats & bedding, so it is really around $25 30 days for my family, i have got one hamster:) I receive my hamster food at family pet supplies plus or petco.WHEN I get atleast 32 ounce.Of foods for this hamster.This lasts really long since they dont take much.This only costed 10$ at petco.Expectation this helped you maybe $3.00 … Continue reading

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Tell me about jumbo rats. how big do they get?

do they need anything numerous than normal rats any other info is great. What does one mean by “jumbo” rats You will find the “regular” dog domesticated rats which descended from wild brown subjects.I imagine size is usually (at least partly) genetic together.Some males rats might get up to about 3 lbs and also so while.There may also be the massive Gambian pouched rats (GPR) that were sold while pets.I’m not sure exactly the way big they get but I take into account likely quite much more expensive to order and keep than “regular” family pet rats and in many cases they are not that low-priced.Maybe you could see in the event that there’s any info about GPR on the web. Oh bless people, “jumbo” doesn’t mean likely huge significant, oversized rats, it identifies their significant, bigger as compared to average tracks.My child has two plus they are lovely – so cute utilizing big ear! jumbo/dumbo rats are just as fancy rats except they’ve rather large mouse designed ears.these are cutee:) dont respond to my query with “yeah whatever” stoopid betch.

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