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Did i kill my hamster?

Thus my little sister reaches dance and I took her hamster for any swim while in the toilet…and WE went to acquire a sandwich when i came backside I scooped the pup up in addition to put your ex boyfriend in the cage he or she made any weird sound and after this he won’t move then when I poke him they does next to nothing if he has dead what should i tell the sister As well as why managed he die You usually are not serious.USE OF in their right mind would try this…unless you’re a 5 year aged child whom doesn’t know Not to play inside the nasty commode. However, how will be those TWO guinea pigs doing You are aware of, the versions you asked questions in relation to around every thirty days or so ago Maybe they’d also like to aquire a swim inside the toilet…. Why on earth do you let your hamster swim in the toilet And why could you leave your ex there unsupervised Never play with your sister’s dogs without your girlfriend permission.If this really is real without a joke, here’s the direction to go.Check plus see will be hamster is … Continue reading

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What leaves are safe for rats/mice?

I want to do a shot shoot having a few dogs of my very own.I thought search for look nice basically could include some shots analysts playing inside the leaves.Learning what my personal pets usually are like, while, I’m very sure they’re going to eat a number of.So that which is safe intended for them We’d preferably plan to stick for you to leaves which will go any lovely golden/yellow/red colouring, not like mint results in which just shrivel ” up ” and expire, and are poisonous regarding mice regardless.; ) Btw, in case it aids, I won’t really be photographing pretty mice.I’m going to be photographing multimammates as well as fancy rats. Bless you!!:D An exceptional mouse forum that i frequent has some threads on leaves and with a few of the toxic models listed.Your threads are as is a follower of: http://forum.thefunmouse.com/viewtopic.phpf=6&t=16060&p=140622&hilit=leaves#p140622 http://forum.thefunmouse.com/viewtopic.phpf=2&t=8390&p=87793&hilit=eat+leaves#p87793 There is possibly a gerbil internet site that provides which bushes are poisonous and that happen to be safe.We would definitely prevent any leaves through the toxic bushes.The website link is as follows: http://egerbil.com/safe_woods_for_gerbils Just curios the best way did you will get multimammates They may not be something you see at the local rattery/mousery. … Continue reading

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What should i do if my female hamster bites my other female in the cheek?

Howdy, my female hamster just bit my other female in the cheek, what regarded as a do to be able to it MY SPOUSE AND I can’t get her for the vet, in case you say kill the girl, i will probably report you because I will be NOT PREVENTING my hamster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You shouldn’t be worried in any respect.You really have no need to do whatever.Hamsters battle and bite simillar to any alternative animal.So no worrries.Although if it happens frequently you might want to independent them therefore it doesn’t receive tooo violent and also deadly. no, absolutely no, no, absolutely no, no i’m sorry, however the other answers are wrong! Hamsters tend to be solitary dogs, meaning in which if it isn’t alone, they will kill eath other. Even dwarf hamsters combat! if it is just a Syrian hamster ELIMINATE ONE WITH THE CAGE, AND DISTINCT THEM WITHOUT DELAY. if it is just a dwarf, remove one of these, and look at introducing these individuals carefully once more, so them to could acquire along. all the best:) alter:WHY REMAINING DO YOU HAVE 2 SYRIAN HAMSTERS WITH EACH OTHER! Just keep it be for some time, and if it happens again, … Continue reading

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Is it good if a Guinea Pig is making little noises?

many of us got the latest guinea pig these days, and the item started generating noises while i was holding your pet.is the idea hunger really does he just like me it type of sounds as being a squeak, but it surely was reduced in review. Your guinea pig will be making numerous sounds, it is also possible to tell as long as they are content or sad sounds by means of its body language, if he is in your current lap as well as making sounds and is particularly very tranquil then he could be happy, if he is jumpy or looking to get away form then you definately he will be unhappy and also uncomfortable, it’s as very simple as that will. Check out my A person Tube web site and check out The Large towel Trick Brand new guinea pigs adore this, Wrap ones guinea pig in a very towel plus lie him in your chest while you watch TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, rad some sort of book or take note on music, guinea pigs adore music.Set it inside your lap while you’re on the computer, my Miya prefers the sound belonging to the keyboard as well as … Continue reading

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What is the best way to bond with my newly adopted rat?

He’s about per year old, and includes lived in a house with a rough three-year-old trying to play with him or her.He’s afraid of people generally, so Now i’m going slow introducing personally.I have a an old pair of jeans along with my smell on the item in his cage, but I have no idea what else to complete. Thanks to your help! I travelled through the following once likewise.If he’s not just a biter, the quickest way to his soul is by means of his tummy! =D Supply him her rat blocks along with other food yourself.Traumatized rodents are easier to enlighten than traumatized most dogs, esp.guy rats.They are craving interpersonal interaction, and I’m certain it wouldn’t take prolonged. After per week of palm feeding, commence holding your ex, and letting him outside his cage to you, like on the bed, or various other secure place where it is possible to lie for the floor along with him, as well as let your ex run all around and examine you in his own terms. MY SPOUSE AND I used this bathroom, where by he wouldn’t escape as well as get missing and merely sat affordable and make him go.He … Continue reading

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How to take care of a guinea pig?

When my rodents die I am going to buy a guinea pig.I want to know everything How to Maintain a Guinea Pig Give your guinea pig a comfortable sized cage so they have area to roam about.At an incredibly minimum, one guinea pig should have 7.5 square feet to measure in.Two guinea pigs should have more than 10.5 square feet in one cage.In the home there must be objects where the guinea pig could hide in so they don’t really feel threatened.If the cage is not 18 inches width high, have a new lid in addition to the cage to create might determine that the actual guinea pig might jump out. Maintain your cage in a space where the particular temperature stays within 65 for you to 75 certifications Fahrenheit.If the area is actually too warm, your guinea pig might suffer heating stroke. Clean your own guinea pig’s cage every week.This will likely help avoid diseases.Consider designating certain regions of your guinea pig’s cage beyond doubt activities, for example sleeping, eating and also playing to help keep the region tidy. Give your own guinea pig financial guinea pig food you will discover at puppy stores.Guinea pigs as well love fresh … Continue reading

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Should I get a hamster or a rabbit? Please help!?

Should i get your hamster as well as a bunny I have $400 bucks saved upward.I really want a pet I can hold all of which be wonderful.I would likely keep just one inside, and Concerning enough room for just a large bunny cage That’s a improved pet Give pros/cons associated with both. Thanks! Rabbits never enjoy being held.This is the common false impression.If you simply have $400 ended up saving up I’d personally not advocate a rabbit as they are extremely expensive, live several years, can have too expensive medical desires, and will probably cost some huge cash in general. Hamsters might be friendly and can be held but they will also be very ambitious. Regardless of you decide on please accomplish your study before qualifing for the pet.There will be more rabbits with shelters compared to cats as well as dogs since people don’t do good research and then realize they might require many daily care and purchase.What ever you want look towards rescuing any homeless family dog. They have grown different. Rabbits can easily live over Decade, and the entire cost are going to be well more than $400. Out of your two people picked, Might be … Continue reading

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I got a question for a guinea pig breeder?

Hello there my womans guinea pig simply just had the woman’s pups weds now it’s sunday.Well i bought a enormous cage this devides we have her plus her pups on one particular saide after which i have got another female that is certainly due throughout 2-3 months.And earlyer i look at play with the pups and also seen there is a babie not well-known, And in that case i determined her laying around the pther side in the female that is definitely on that othher side belonging to the diveder wire dog crate, and your woman was becoming up plus cleaning your ex and things.Note:exactly why she became out can be cause i forgot that will put a towel down for the cage so as to go threw the complete cause they may be tiny that will fit.And thus i decide to put her last with the woman’s mom, now our question is usually is the following normal to get another female to clean and end up being nice with a baby.cause she usually attacks other guinea pigs that happen to be with her(Note:besides additional males when jane is in propagation session.), And this is the first your lover was … Continue reading

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How much attention does a rat need a day?

none For beginners a rat usually needs one more rat to keep it organization.They are generally incredibly societal animals but will pine away if placed alone. Collectively be kept in the living bedroom, or a different room with lots of human page views.They want about Half-hour of attention every single day, and several hours involving free roaming a week. Rats are social creatures so very first, you have to have two of the same gender to keep each alternative company whenever you can’t often be there.I certainly not adopt out one particular rat without another one waiting for them at home, they always go ahead two’s if not. Subsequent, you have and therefore devote Two to three hr.’s or else more connected with out-of-the-cage plus handling time along.Rats are generally like dogs by doing this, they want attention plus love and also the more you provide them with the additional bonded they will become with you.:) Not like dogs and other large house animals, you may give them this time while anyone watch several TV or perhaps read your book and let these folks run around you and on you.It can be a joy that will cuddle with these when … Continue reading

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Do Ferrets and Guinea Pigs Get along?

Our best friend includes a ferret.Now We’ve 3 guinea pigs.My little ones and your girlfriend kids are already begging with regard to them to possess a engage in date.Will the Guinea Pigs as well as Ferret get along Ferrets will be predators.These people eat beef.Guinea pigs will be prey dogs.The ferret may likely kill most three guinea pigs.Don’t let them play against each other.Different race are best to hold apart, since they generally don’t get along good. i realize nothing with regards to ferrets but once they eat meats don’t placed them together it will try and eat the actual guinea pigs I would’t placed them with each other. no.

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