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How do I look after a new baby guinea pig (with 6 adults already at the house)?

My own housemates have 6 older guinea pigs.They need free rein with the backyard together with some chickens as well as a small doggie (who would not harm the guineas btw).The adults run all over free they usually retreat to some large drop with a place for these to shelter during the night (floor is probably dirt nevertheless, no hay, uncertain if that is definitely ok) along with we near the door in the event of predators.There is very much a very clear leader while in the “pack”.These are all women. I got the latest baby piggy (female) and I’m worried it’s too little to try to be put when using the others so really not sure what direction to go with the idea.So significantly it’s sleeping inside a box with food along with water and also blankets, towel for the bottom).I set one adult from it overnight inside the box novice sleeping in and it nudged the idea with it truly is nose occasionally, they cuddled in place and felt happy.However after i put the actual “leader” with all the baby the child froze plus the leader merely grinded it’s teeth a lttle bit so I took them out … Continue reading

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Hamster problem please help!?

Concerning divorced mum and dad and every week I change into the other residence, but with my father’s house you’ll find dogs and also my doggie gets many excited after i bring the hamster more than so I need to keep that at my personal mom’s property forever, as well as until this dies.I’m worried so it won’t identify me and also I won’t be capable of handle it much more and I am just just excellent sad and my dad won’t budge.He as well says this it’s stressing him out but he’s showing therefore signs involving stress, but I get it done every few days and My business is not anxious! Now I will only end up being with your ex for half of times with merely visits to clean his parrot cage and I have no idea how to deal with it.Love it if more miss your ex boyfriend and it can be only happen to be 2 days from the him.Remember to help my family! Ideas to make my pops change his / her mind would be good! And any ways how to face not staying with him because Make love him or her….. it should be … Continue reading

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Can my gerbil live alone happily?

Sadly, one of my gerbils had to be put to sleep sooner today.Since returning on the vets, my different gerbil won’t appear of your girlfriend bed even to get a treat. I’d have them to get just more than a year and they were sisters.Would this be possible to purchase another gerbil to help keep this one company and also would they just attack I’ve go through in tons of different spots that gerbils like surviving in pairs (which is definitely why most people got two to start with! ) and definately will be sad and lonely if solely! As I have never got gerbils in advance of these 2, I need ideas of what to do! Any advice might be greatly valued:o) I think the good thing you might do is shower the girl with interest, that method she shouldnt often be lonely. Hello, I had the same situation.Thought about two guy gerbils exactly who were siblings, did almost everything together, but sadly one of them had to get put lower:-( so the alive gerbil has become living alone for 2/3 weeks now, plus he’s excellent.It’s believed to clean out there their gerbiliarium afterwards reduce the alternative one’s stench. … Continue reading

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Can you feed brown anoles to mud puppies?

These things are past my household constantly, they get in the house, and they may be just ALMOST EVERYWHERE.I am getting a mud doggie and ended up being wondering basically could feed them to help it.I mean, instead involving running towards the pet store to snap up small fish decide to purchase, can I feed them anoles in addition No hating you should, I’m merely asking. No you simply can’t.I’m estimating by dirt puppy a person mean a axolotyl.You simply can’t feed them a lizard.If you’d like you can are reduced the perch mongers and get a completely fish, keep that frozen as well as cut from the little pieces whenever you need these people.Makes these folks less ambitious anyway.

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Need some budgie names…..?

We are getting some sort of budgie before long and i’d prefer some lovely names for both female and men.Something similar to Bubbles. Teddy & Cupcake rocky, dino, poopsie, rascal, bella, daisy, company and cocoa Jub Jub, Cookie, Buttons, Pinkie (only if it’s white though! ), Gus. bazza dangle tutu killer mandie mark oconnel captain agro muhummad cray bait yabbie bait doggie food fertiliser Pebbles as well as Bit i enable my nephew appoint my birdie as well as snow.

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I just got a dog. The owners say hes a Pit but ive seen pictures of a boxer and think he looks a boxer?

He is also REALLY underweight as well as we want to get him back to a wholesome weight (we’ve experienced him because sunday) he could be 1yr along with 9months. The dog could be the picture within your avatar Appears like an Us Pit Bull Terrier in addition to Boxer mix but it really is challenging to guess and not using a few a lot more pictures. Have the dog towards vet, you should.Any *owner* who have let your dog have very underweight haven’t had the following dog properly vetted.Nature needs the complete checkup to get worms (heartworm examination! ) and everthing else that will be going in.The doggie also desires proper vaccinations. Then start nature on an excellent food.Feed little meals 3 to 5 times a day.Do DEFINITELY NOT allow the pup to eat large meals to begin with.Provide clean water all the time. Furthermore, if this dog possesses Boxer within him you might want to consider that genetic faults Boxers have your decide one is coronary disease. Vet, you should. Ashley this lady anyone voted as Optimum solution is looking to get hold of her..In case you go to help her profile it is possible to e-mail the … Continue reading

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(Mini) American Eskimo questions?

I’ve some requests RE Usa Eskies (the smaller size) 1) Accomplish they produce good house pets 2) Is it a “barky” breed 3) Just how much exercise does a mini Eskimo require We can provide about a while daily, is this enough 4) Is he easily trained/housebroken This is certainly key point for us. 5) Do they are doing well using other dogs Relating to a SIX lb 2 year old female Pomeranian along with am having this dog like a companion intended for her AS WELL AS me (I intend on getting the male puppy and indeed, I will have him fixed)! 6) Eventually, what is your experience having mini U .s .Eskimos (If you’ve any Or else, don’t worry about it). PS- You get BEST ANSWER should you answer the best *5* q’s! #6 isn’t so necessary.. 1.Definitely not usually.Whenever given correct mental/physical physical exercise than conceivably. COUPLE OF.Yes.Most tiny dogs could yap plenty.It is dependent upon the unique dog although, but Eskies are known for being big barkers. THREE OR MORE.They will probably need over an hour walk.They have lots of physical exercise and in addition mental (obediance training). FOUR.It really depends on how an individual housetrain … Continue reading

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How long should i walk my 9.5 year old dog?

They are very productive and likes to perform.But they are getting old and her speed provides slowed lower.Now post only go around him pertaining to short distance, say, lower than 1KM.Doggie is any medium measured Indian spitz.Is niagra walk ALL RIGHT or regarded as a make him run also One with my gsds is 10 years old in addition to still relishes a walk away from leash involving 2-3 a long time. They are a little slower not surprisingly than when he ended up being younger nonetheless he only trots around at his own schedule. Dont force your canine to go for a faster stride than they chooses.Its good to stay an older dog in good shape and if he is actually happy and also enjoying his walks i dont find any trouble. A puppy will soon tell you if they doesnt experience like proceeding far as he’ll lag at the rear of you and lay down if anyone stop strolling.Then you understand you usually are walking too much with your pet. medium American indian spitz dwell for approx TWELVE yrs.so your canine is a bit old.truly, it depends upon the puppy, don’t push him in order to walk over … Continue reading

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I have a 4 month old male doberman and i am planning to take a male dalmatian,will my dobe oppose this?

relating to heard this generally dobermans hate the different male dogsis it trueif yes what a few pointer do Introduce your current Doberman in order to other canines and discover his behaviour.Does they like these people, does he endeavor to play at their side, does he endeavor to be major Also in the event that he is not neutered your dog may try to be dominant to your new doggie. However your pet is small and have to accept a brand new dog generally. It really depends on your dobe, undestand how they are with other dogs…The dog, such as, can’t stand every other dog, therefore getting just one more wouldn’t be wise…As effectively, when you get your dalmation don’t drive your complete attention to the new dog, don’t just ignore your dobe! There will be no reason why the a couple shouldn’t acquire along, as long as they will be introduced to one another slowly as well as on basic territory. WE myself include two man Dalmatians (oh simply no!! Bad my family -rolls eyes-) and never once had an issue. I might also possess both neutered very. He’s not even an teenagers yet.Bring in them calmly and thoroughly. … Continue reading

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The gardener stole my dog from my backyard and No one will help me, what do i do now?

myself and the fiance changed to los angeles from pa in thinking about receiving 2011.we were only within oxnard ca for Seven days and our own dog journeyed missing from our backyard over a monday immediately after we possessed left the home.No you was in the house right through the day up till 2 pm.The gardener comes to the house around 14:30pm.Saturday January Tenth 2011 potential went not often known, Mr.Pham this gardener decided not to mow your lawn of which day (it was a simple fact that that this individual didn’t) without a solitary person in addition to mr.pham said they found our canine that evening.the other dog we have was continue to there inside yard whenever we returned, they are a little terrier style dog although our doggie max is really a young hole mix.we had asked mr.pham if he found our canine that evening he resolved to go missing most people showed your ex boyfriend a flyer regarding max, so the gardener viewed the flyer skimmed more than it for a little bit then requested dumb questions within the tail plus looked all-around at different houses next looked over for a random lot and claimed he appeared … Continue reading

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