Repost with more details: Does anyone know of a large ball that won’t pop?

My personal dog ADORES the originality giant tennis balls (approximately field hockey sized) nevertheless he usually pops these.Does any individual know of a large ball that bounces and it is puncture-proof Many of us tried a new soccer ball, but he deflated of which too.He has two Jolly Tennis balls, both chewed throughout half.Exercise balls (even this huge 80cm ones) last approximately SOME seconds.

My dog is a Standard Poodle.He’s not just a powerful chewer, per se, but he has really pointed teeth.You’ll find loads regarding small as well as medium size balls in which last eternally, but each and every giant basketball I’ve tried using has popped in just a few hrs.They’re the absolute beloved, so I’d adore to find the one that can tolerate him.:)

The Weather Kong might be

MY SPOUSE AND I haven’t tested out them, but I really like other items by Kong.My personal dog got the sturdy red rubberized kong baseball.This you.

Really the only problem is always that they may not be as large as being a basketball.

CHANGE:Good Adept…don’t ever type in “giant balls” from a google search.LOL! Have no idea what I became thinking! Used to do find the following: this also as soon as I fixed my ummmm search engine terms.

CHANGE:To allow it to be worse, I acquired it set to find Images…yikes.Eye harsh detergents anyone

Well you can try anything Kong, there intended for powerful chewers, and Relating to several Kong products which have been still in very good shape.

Jennifer M, LOL I simply had to try and do a search engine search, only to see what you used to be talking in relation to, well Manged to get a fine laugh today thanks, LMAO
haha just simply kidding, maybe one of these not confident how big you want.

look during livestock and horse catalogs.they help to make these tremendous sturdy crazy-hard plastic balls pertaining to horses and also pigs to avoid boredom.
similar to this:

sounds like you love your brilliant dog! enjoy!!

I found this web site, but Relating to never tried using them.They’re just designed regarding zoo animals and they have all different measurements.

My personal favorite location to model shop.

Check out the many Jolly Footballs.


just amplify a trouble bottle.

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