Names for my new dog?!?

Im getting a German Shephard


Amon right after my leading man Amon Goeth.It will be a great name for any German Shepard seeing that he appeared to be German.Check out him out here.

SHEPHERD.How could you get a dog, and not even understand how to spell the actual breed name Your pet, YOUR decision.YOU is also the one who have to live with the dog’s label for it can be lifetime, not really us.Normal folks name its pups once they get the hang of their individuality, so the reason ask numerous total strangers

It is often a German Shepherd Canine, name him/her something befitting any noble, tidy breed.Try getting a German name for this, pick away several and then wait till you observe which 1 will match its style.

Call the pup black in addition to yellow or thunder or maybe shadow or abe or perhaps some gods label or simba.:) good luck with r new pup

Call him piff.Lol.Or even Lucky, Dynamite, or even Speed.

Zeus, Bear or Moose


similar to from xmen


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