My newly inherited puggle weighs 40 lbs…how can I help him lose weight?

Leave poor Roxi alone.She will not need a diet.The girl needs excersize.Running after squirels must to the item! Love u

feed it Two to three small meals of a high qualit food per day and lots of low consequence exercise just like walks along with swimming plus keep goodies and ppl food to some very reduced minumum.should the dog looks like starvin ough can start being active .raw efficient beans to the food with regard to low calorie bulk

increase work out, decrease meals, change to lower fat food, no treats, basic changes.

i claim dont cause it to lose pounds just dont let him sit down around for a dang cat i’m keen on cats but there’re lazy

Put him with a diet.Supply him veggies and have him available to training regularly

walk the item and give food to it some sort of smaller servings, no stand scraps either

run on the treadmill for it!

take in order to vet
apply to diet
workout more.

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