My dog sleeps all day when its raining, why?

Concerning a little **** zu, about 2 years old.Everytime is usually rains he is sleepy without very inspired.He hates walking inside the rain, so my partner and i don’t go around him for extended, i go him long enough to get him to undertake his enterprise.Well no less than a pee.

My Jack Russel should it far too.She will lay inside all day long and POST swear she’s pouting.She has a pet door, but she will only venture out to potty.
My Minutes Pin however will keep playing with regards to unless it is rather very chilly or this is the hard rain.

i appeared to be told inside the wild wildlife hide and wait out the disaster.that would explain why he would like to stay around and sleep

Its wintry.Dogs tend to do nothing if you have nothing to undertake on a dull day

Because associated with cold puppy fell lying down..

in raining its far too cool thus dog sleep all day.

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