My dog just had a stroke i need HELP PLEASE!?

My own dog just had any stoke fortunately hes fine but hes disillusion.Hes a new 13yearold mutt, i know thats good old.Please dont claim theres nothing to help him! Just good me measures 4 what direction to go when a dog features a stroke! How to prevent that! Please we’ve found NO car my pops is 60mins away where you work please! Take place we keep it!

Call your veterinarian’s variety – collectively have something that will page the actual vet available for you.
Whenever they don’t, search the local emergency vet :or telephone another vet and ask that many people be paged.

In the meantime, get the dog to lay down, in a spot where he’s not around stairs or elsewhere he might fall and also hurt him or her self.A bathroom is a superb place helping put him :don’t place him throughout his cage, or you might not be able to acquire him out.

Brand-new called ones Dad Accomplish that first.

there sorry to say is nothing that you can do at residence, a stroke is serious and can even mess your ex boyfriend up to the rest connected with his lifestyle, the only way to help should be to get him for the vet.since you’ve got no car you’ll find a dwelling vet.that could come for you.I’m remorseful but absolutely nothing you are capable of doing but make an effort to keep him or her is not his age its the challenge that demands attention!

A vet can there be for reasons honey.

Calling your vet won’t immediatly mean you will need to take doggie in…They can assist you over the item.Like inside humans, a stroke damages the neural cells just in case severe enough can lead to brain damage.Either call up a vet and speak with them on the phone, or proceed browsing the web knowing your pet dog may end up being brain ruined and battling.Your name.

Are a person sure it turned out a cerebrovascular accident or ended up being it any seizure, what have been the symptoms Get a friend to adopt you for the vet.
You cannot prevent it a vet can provide meds to assist.

So did the dog have the stroke or maybe a seizure That’s it TROLL FAIL> Disappear.

Call the vet’s office and have.

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