My dog has a bump on his chest and now on his back leg, should I be concerned?

That bump in his torso is big and also the one on his leg is around the diameter of an quarter, they each are squishy and don’t appear to trigger him almost any pain every time they are handled.He continues to be acting excellent, but he or she is a THIRTEEN year older dachshund plus I’m merely concerned.

They be understood as Lipoma’s = fatty cysts.However if the pup were seen by just a vet, you should take him for any baseline plus monitor these folks.They may want to aspirate it to ensure it’s only a cyst.

i think you should, that is not normal, something may really become wrong together with your dog, i would say, when you can receive him towards vet.get them verify hm out, and to take a body and tisue sample in the bumps.he perhaps have a certain amount of cancer.something like that transpired with my personal pet rabbit but he / she had humps under his / her arms, while we procured him towards vet, this individual had cancer tumor, and had to be put to sleep.but this individual was a rabbit, if the dog offers cancer, he my be big enough for it to always be treated and be good.

Well your own not giving us enough information to assist you.When have they surface Are they getting bigger Appears like they probably fatty tumors

You should take your dog to the vet to obtain it read through.

Only any Vet can let you know.

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