My dog got a hair cut and the fur on his back did not grow back?

This dog got his pelt cut brief in middle summer and also the rest with his fur is around 1/4-1/2 in .long and there exists only fuzz upon his again and i’ll see his or her skin.The location where is is not really growing back is definitely a different texture versus rest so I became waiting to determine if it was just developing slower however it has never looks like this once a haircut previous to.
He or she is 6 year or so old masculine standard poodle along with american bulldog combine, 91 lbs and he or she is fixed.
Thank you!

He perhaps have low thyroid.Get that looked at by ones vet.

More information:

You have become welcome! Among my pet dogs had low thyroid.Easy to treat and medication is not expensive!

Just present it all his time and in the event that no transform then there shall be problems.

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