my personal dog had about EIGHT oreos but i believe he going eating these folks last overnight because appearently he snuck them out of our food stores yesterday.he was fine all during the night but i recently noticed right now that this individual did take them.he or she is a 10-15 lb shih-tzu and also believe they ate the concerned a few pointer be

that would be a lot with chocolate for your dog, but as much cocoa will be oreos is just not very much.the simply effect would possibly be as much sugar and would get a good upset belly.i hope they’re okay!

Baker’s chocolate is what’s fatal that will dogs, which is usually missing in business products just like Oreos.Nonetheless, too much sugar can easily affect the dog’s cardiac health.Nonetheless, being internet websites two miniature dachshunds, I’ve viewed a fair degree of chocolate feeding on (including a few chocolate rum baseballs! ).Hydrogen peroxide succeeds, but if only you catch them right after eating the sugar.Through experience, you’ll most likely just see much of diarhhea nowadays.Watch him closely though.If he ever seems unreasonably fatigued, shakey, or on the whole not looking good, take him towards vet.

Watch your ex boyfriend, if your really concerned get a oral syringe as well as put hydrogen peroxide affordable his throat till he / she vomits, it’s going to be frothy as well as gross but it works.My dog ate a package deal of flea/tick medicine, my vet had me make it happen, nasty vomit, healthy dog:)

10-12 cc’s
Only saw the idea started past night, never bother, already digested and in intestines by this time around.Future referrals tho

That much sugar can easily affect his physiology.You ought to call the vet to view if there’s anything that can be done.Since the way to hours because he ate the cookies, I uncertainty there’s much they could do.There is no chocolate within the cookies, so you won’t need to worry concerning poisoning through that.

VERY involved!!! Take him to check out a vet AT THIS POINT – the dog could perish, purebreds throughout special have become sensitive to be able to sweets in addition to worse :chocolate and that is fatal some races!

I’d are more concerned about your short-run memory loss as you’re just expected this.He’ll probably please have some diarrhea in the event anything

Dogs could possibly die coming from chocolate hence take him into the doctor and try to get him seen and acquire some medication

i would try to get him to “empty” the stomach
but your prob okay also feed your dog a minor bread.

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