My chicken hasn't laid any eggs and keeps waking me up when the sun rises…what gives?

i aquired some sort of fowl from the gentleman who reported the item layed a minumum of one egg every day…i have possessed the poultry pertaining to practically A COUPLE OF weeks in addition to nothing at all…and when sunlight rises the girl would make any racket in addition to wakes myself up.

Roosters crow, they just do not lay
Hens rest, they just do not crow
There are a rooster

ummm yesi feel really certain which fowl is usually a rooster! we’ve hens me personally post perform get roosters of which will not crow all around health are bottom on the pecking arrangement.we do absolutely no connected with roosters tht will not crow becuase with just some genetic gene or maybe one thing near that will!
yet certainly we’d express there are a rooster on the hands

Boy does you will get scammed just what exactly you have is often a Rooster plus they just do not lay down offspring, they crow each and every daybreak to rise the planet.

The hens title has to be Foghorn Leghorn.

That’s a laugh, I point out, that’s a laugh, daughter.

It is usually a rooster.LOL.

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