My bigger zebra danio is chasing my smaller one?

I purchased two zebra danios pertaining to my some gallon tank for your fish i simply just purchased and also the big just one (Taio) is definitely chasing the limited one (Usher).Usher gets very stressed and is particularly always smothering behind this heater and decoration…help

They’re learning fish.They require minimum organizations of 6 months time.This way the going after gets spread between the peers.Anticipation that assists.


They will usually do this for those who have just 2 danios.Danios usually are schooling fish which includes a hierarchical public structure.That means the principal fish can chase your subordinate species of fish around.And keep the even bigger fish via bullying the opposite one in order to death, you may need a school of no less than six or even seven zebra danios.Because of this, the predominant fish’s aggression is distribute around– your dog doesn’t pick on just one for very long before currently being distracted by a differnt one in the particular school– no one sea food gets pranked to death.

Danios are extremely energetic schooling seafood.They tend to be notorious regarding becoming cid nippy when they are stressed.And they need to be within schools of 6 or perhaps evan additional, in a new 30 gallon gas tank, or they’ll act out like the younger kids in plaything box, “did the truth is toy history 3” a new ten gallon is not really large ample for pretty many seafood, Guppies will be one connected with only numerous choices.

Zebra Danios ought to be kept throughout groups regarding 6+, or you’ll will have dominance/aggression difficulties.
They’re also not one of the best choice for the 10 gallon.They’re seriously active bass and require the living space of as a minimum 20 gallons.
I suggest that you simply return your current Danios in preference to a handful of same sexual intercourse Guppies.(5 Guppies may fully investment a 12 gallon.)

All the best ..

Danios could be very aggressive and territorial.They’ll often chase and finally kill bass smaller when compared with themselves.Maybe you have to obtain seperator screen for your tank to maintain them aside.

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