Just heard on the news about another Pit Bull attack why aren’t there any other dogs on the TV?

I realize other most dogs attack people by mistake but the reason why do they want the Pit bull within the news never being a lab or even a gold or any other breed

Will they will ever get off this pit bull kick

Because people stories sell, despite what lots of people might feel, ratings tend to be almost everything inside news business.

As sad the way it may appear, nobody cares about a golden retriever mauling someone.It will not sell and a “vicious pit bull will kill baby is usually bloody rage” story.

They’re going to get heli-copter flight kick, when folks wise in place and recognise this breed isn’t suppose that they are human intense, and what they’re seeing will be poorly trained dogs having bad societal skills, not true APBT, and often the pet isn’t an absolute american hole bull terrier.I’ve seen hound blends get called pit bulls in stories.I’ve heard a persons GSD got called a new pit bull in the story also.

I’d like to see a genuine picture on the dog.

I think news reporters ought to stop reporting dog bites altogether if they’re just planning to be biased, we have a dog bite each day, and a lot of the top offenders usually are not apbt.A hole bull story can make it state wide or more, a golden retriever bedding gets a small bit over a local place.

Right right now Pits certainly are a hot issue and they also (reporters) swarm for instance flies anytime something poor happens about breed.

Every day someone is usually bitten by just a dog be it a little Chihuahua or even a St.Bernard nevertheless , you never hear that because they are not a scorching button situation.The reporters know that ANYTHING Pit related should make the particular news.

Because they are the type of pet most repsonsible for Fatal assaults and its usually deadly attacks regardless of the breed that will gets awareness.

Guess anyone missed your media attention to the fatal attack individual that ended up being a Rottweiler.

They’re going to get heli-copter flight Pit Bull “kick” should the breed just isn’t killing people today.

It would be nice if there were concern for any victim/dead person and never the poor dog that will killed them.

Recommendations the reports article to the recent Rottweiler infiltration.Again the not the actual breed that helps it be newsworthy on the media its the truth that there may be a dead individual.


The statistics are versus you.The Hole Bull is probably the most likely dog for any dog-fight machine to elevate, and so you will discover more “fight-trained” pit bulls than any type involving dog.

Non-fight-trained dog usually solely bite whenever they feel vulnerable or some people feel they are protecting their particular human counterparts.

Pitt Bull’s had been originally selectively bred for Puppy Fighting, so it can be still for their line involving blood, if people would treat these folks right plus love these and locomotive them, perfect dogs to be honest.

Our good friend Michael Vic and others like him or her have delivered this certain breed to global attention.We also know the least popular people today use these people too, in vicious ways at the same time.Until there is some strategy to have those who breed these dogs knowledgeable and controlled, ( being aware of & care nothing…regarding temperament, and stability..).these dog

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