Is my terrier mix supposed to change color?

My own pup seems as if this as well as his coat is currently changing into a greyish shade.Not his entire physique but the head region.Is they okay

This can be a link towards breed.Thanks

Yes, it can be okay for any puppy for you to change colouring as he / she gets more mature.Most of that time period, they acquire lighter.Whenever my shih tzu appeared to be a doggy, she was a really dark brindle coloring with a number of white.These days she appears to be almost entirely silver/gray/light tan brindle together with more white-colored.Don’t worry about it.Take pleasure in your dog, he’s the cutie:)

I feel sure he could be fine.My terrier acquired a charcoal face when she ended up being a puppy and yes it actually started a light source brown coloration.Its popular in terriers.

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