Is it safe to leave a female pitbull and male pitbull in the same crate?!?!?

they will haven’t also been raised mutually and i’m on the verge of buy your female plus am prepared to buy a immense crate for them to have room, both are usually about SIX months

No.Putting a couple dogs from the same fabric, even dogs that are socialized in addition to know each other, is a new recipe with regard to trouble.Even though they normally get along they might fight because you are sick, or in a bad mood, or on the favored plaything, if a mans is interested in the feminine and your woman isn’t engaged….

get these people each their particular crate.

I would certainly suggest independent crates.Especially since female will be new, I’m guaranteed she’d want to have an area that she can go to when she has had enough/wants somewhere safe youngster should be go for you to.

i could not put these people in there together.relating to a 1 year old hole male and they’re 105lbs.he takes up all connected with his dog house.i would likely get not one but two crates!!

“okay with thanks everyone i will buy a separate crate for them to have their very own rooms”

You need to choose a Best solution, or there is nothing in it for all of us.

crates r for a dogs place.eah dog requires their private crate, therefore no buy 2 dog crates.


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