Is it ok to give a puppy cat food for one day?

I recently was given some sort of pup, considering the finance institutions shut and my debit cartomancy displaced Concerning not any profit on me personally til this morn.Just about all I have is feline meal, can easily this lil male consume this until finally I receive your pet good pup chow tomorrow

Sure it is okay pet cats usually are useless at any rate!

Veterinarians don’t advocate to allow puppies feline meals, nonetheless I have accomplished them prior to when we finally have been low on doggie meals and yes it could not damage this pet dog, Nonetheless you may not need to offer a doggy puppy pet foods on a regular basis due to the fact dogs and pet cats have several nutritional demands via one other, but convinced you could potentially make a dog kitten nutrition until finally you will get some doggie meals,

Well, I have a cat the other daytime, my pal got the woman pup spherical my house hold.This pet has been outside anyway so he wasn’t afraid.

Instantly, the actual puppy leaped amazingly out of the friend’s biceps and triceps and also commenced over eating my own cat’s foodstuff.

Hence, WHEN I speculate it truly is very good.He couldn’t turn into sad or perhaps whatever.

Have fun with ones pretty very little pup!

You could, however when you have a few grain you possibly can cook for the pup (and nice off) he’s much better off having of which.Pussy-cat nutrition provides much more protein than dog foods, along with while the item will not injured for you to feast the pup this for your day time, he will subsequently figure out of which consuming kitten meals are ALRIGHT, which will it is not.

NO DILEMMA.Kitty meals is a lttle bit more potent as compared with puppy foods yet serving the item to somewhat of a canine will not harm canine.

you might feast a pup whatever for your time!

who your daylights cares about you Get real just what would you think,,, it is about to destroy him

It’ll be very good! It truly is only for daily, this is not going to problems your ex:)

oh issue along with that.

yes along with ware have you been i’m around jerzy and it’s simply daybreak.

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