Is a Burger King hamburger that’s been in the fridge for a week too old to eat?

we wouldnt rely on the mayo inside, throw the item out, prob are a blast stale bakery too

For a dog, without a doubt.For somebody, no.Dogs can certainly digest bacteria much easier than individuals can.Humans aren’t built to digest stuff that adheres to that.I would bother about getting foods poisoning via fast food that’s been in that fridge that will long.Even if it will not, I doubt it is going to taste very good after perched in there for any week.Possibly tastes such as fridge.haha

With every one of the preservatives and also junk they put in place it It’s safe to expect it to obtain 100% resistance on the radiation while in the Chernobyl complete distruction area.

I reckon may well last you one or two more years.

Since everyone did set it in Dogs…it’s good to feast it towards your dog!

I don’t even think I may want to eat this, myself.It most likely are not dangerous or perhaps unhealthful, however it probably seems nasty can’t.

I’d give it to my puppy, but WE wouldn’t feed on it by As a vegetarian, I are unable to really point out I’d eat an innovative one! hahaha

Yeah, food like that only remains good for about three days


Uhhh…..Yeah it truly is……

No, nope.Enjoy!!

id have it.

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