How to get 14 yr old dog &puppy to like each other?

This kind of past summer months we displaced our beloved 15 12 months sheperd combine, ever since our pom have been depressed and also hates being home on your own.He incorporates a “friend” a new 1yr old yorkie all of us babysit and seemed to be pleased when nancy around so we bought a pet.(it wasn’t just by the pom most people wanted the woman’s too) Recommendations the problem the puppy is very playful SEVEN week old who’s the exact same size seeing that our pom may be for now.we figured he would get used to her when she has been still small.She look to hard when using with throughout (putting the woman’s big paws in him).He right now has taken to hiding inside the bedroom and seem scard involving carry out we help them bond and obtain puppy to get more careful with him it has been two times will that work it truly is self away should your lover get yelled at for jogging to your pet and jumping on your ex Thanks

If your 8 1 week old pet is because big because your pom you have to have obtained a quite sizable reproduce, that appeared to be probably some sort of mistake.

try facilitating the pom insist it’s prominence by accomplishing some such things as playing With the two dogs and in the operation roll the young pet over with his back and keep him presently there until they fully surrenders to you personally AND ones pom.

Neither animal reaches fault the following.It can be unfair in order to inflict some sort of boisterous puppy over a senior dog and it’s also unfair to expect a toddler puppy to become anything other than a the baby puppy.

If it was my predicament, I would make an effort to return the particular pup for you to wherever that had arrive from, and locate a small, tranquil, well-behaved older dog to acquire as a new companion on your old Pom.

The time to acquire a pup is following on from the Pom went.

Just for instance people, not every oldster enjoys handling a little one.Puppies don’t have any manners.They may bump plus be irritating (paws within the other dog) without wait their turn.Quite a few older dogs will tolerate it.Some elder dogs will squeeze pup throughout its location, maybe as well roughly.Some elder dogs could simply hide out and want to quieter times.The best thing to do is preserve them separated until your puppy finds out some manners, in one or two months.

It just isn’t their faults! You never scream plus yell with these terrible dogs.Your doggy is old and a new dog in the home is pretty stressful.Why on earth do you even do that to your older dog That may be just indicate.I will never force a bit puppy on a mature dog.

He is definitely old and also he doesn’t want a different member put into the spouse and children.Poor male!

There likely isn’t much you can do about this now.Personally i think bad to get him.

Scare the actual older dog when them abuses the particular smaller canine.Make that older puppy jealous by means of giving more attention for the younger canine.Then that they wont fight each other but quite for particular attention.

i’m remorseful but extremely idiotic to get a very younger puppy for you to acompony a 14 yr old dog.

Go out and about and play together.

Poor previous doggy…the puppy is probably really infuriating to him:(

it will require a period to blend each other

Yeah, I don’t even think it might be wise to get a puppy alo

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