How many week’s does a puppy need to be before they have solid food?

our puppy’s is going to be 4 days on february 26, and i need to find out when in order to feed them solid food they’ve got lil teeth already and there’s no doubt that they are usually ready take.

gives thanks!

this will be the right age to get started on to wean them
WHEN I usually get started by removing mom coming from pups through night
the puppies should get access to water presently as well
over nighttime soak the actual puppy meals that mom must be eating ( or even get puppy food dry)
in the am put your puppy food from a shallow bowl and add warm water to that making their energy mushy ( like pea soup) as well as warm
let these people eat intended for about 15-20 minutes then permit mom in and finish the food item and permit her nurse
leave your ex with puppies for about an hour or so ( POST usually give first providing at SEVEN am)
remove the mother and give the puppies again with 12 do identical at 5 VARIOUS and HUNTING FOR but on 9 get away from mom out again for that night
as the pups acquire use that will eating bit by bit make the foodstuff less and also less mushy collectively be in solid dried out by 6-7 months old
simply and added note
my vet includes always said pups plus mom must be wormed any time pups will be 2, SOME, 6, 8-10 and 12 weeks good old then monthly
the puppies should find first vaccine at 6 days old plus should high quality mom plus siblings till 8-10 weeks old

Your vet in addition to mentor didn’t know the answer to the following question..People better receive new ones

The pups must be started at gruel at 4 weeks old.

Gruel can be either waterless or soaked puppy food soaked with supplemental puppy formula as well as water until it is the consistency of the thinned oatmeal.Over the actual course on the next weeks you lessen the number of liquid right until the puppies are feeding on dry dog food with the time they check out their brand new homes.

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