How many of you dog experts know what kind of dog this is?

Just simply copy and paste the actual link:

Maybe you have seen one in the flesh Did you have near it What had been it like

(Yes, Im done posting about pit bulls.I still can’t stand them as well as trust these people, but I will drop the difficulty for the particular night.)

Well with the name is at your link no need to guess what exactly is in the particular pic without having even searching.

Have MY PARTNER AND I ever viewed a Presa Canario in person So far I’ve not already been blessed but hoping

Would certainly I get near that..Of lessons after asking the master permission..Need to have manners

Relating to no dilemma getting near any good trained pet..untrained, unruly canines of any kind of breed MY PARTNER AND I wouldn’t waste my time period.

Hmmm…I’m thinking the brindle Stick Corso as well as a brindle Presa Canario.

My close friend owns a new Cane Corso purchased from among the top breeders inside state.He’s a terrific dog, his name is definitely Monty and also he’s black.Her companion owns a new retired reproduction b*tch dogue p bordeaux branded Lady.This is a house containing slobber.

CHANGE:Didn’t sometimes notice the particular link until you reported something.We were correct, it’s actually a Presa Canario.I’ve never treated one of these before.

EDIT2:Would WE go next to it Needless to say, after observing the dog’s behaviour and acquiring owner/handler authorization first.

It’s the Presa Canario, it says so from the link.

Of course, I have seen three analysts in particular person.One has been a puppy and it was very sweet when most young puppies are.The grownups were laying down in the particular shade plus were pleasant.What ended up being funny appeared to be that there were 3 Belgian Sheepdogs throughout crates in the area and i was told to never try in order to pet these people, as a few might bite.

I didnt must look within the link hard but i’d to that will spell this.Persa canario.Yes relating to seen 6TH in person( my pal has SOME beautifull types and 2 at the dog park) Obviously i received near this.It was somewhat slobery nevertheless was a new bundle involving happy tail waggin furr.

Why not stop trolling all together Get off of “bully breeds”.You happen to be just digging your ignorant hole straight into idiom.

In addition, oh smart one, this is a Presa Canario.It says so from the link.Very very sneaky.

Presa Canario THE.K.THE the Canary Dog

Presa Canario, thanks to the 2 points

Presa Canario..


its the Presa Canario!!

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