How many feeder goldfish can go in my pond?

it’s a 5000 gallonish lake.The perch will are living there yr round around MA as well as wont be applied for for the winter.Again they are feeder sea food.

How long do you want to keep them in that , pond
If you’re housing them there until you feast them that will other family pets (i.e., temporarily), you can keep at the least 100 feeder goldfish in the 5000-gallon pond.
But if you plan to enable them grow with their full sizing (well over a foot), in addition to probably at some point breed, I would select much more compact stocking amount.Maybe 30 to 25 goldfish.

gold sea food get with regards to 8 ins roughly, is actually 5000 gallons, you can hold much goldfish.nonetheless, since there feeders, you dont want them to big, and if you have to many next some is certain to get big and then they will not be excellent feeders.keep perhaps 20-30 in the time

Well, probably 9-12.If the pond is filtered along with has some type of aeration you can squeeze 17.

The general rule of thumb is one particular inch involving fish each one gallon of water,

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