How do you think I should train my puppy to stop begging for food?

Ive undoubtedly tried to fix giving the girl food, however she won’t stop whining.This morning, after i was getting ready for classes, she got into the Oatmeal that i left released to neat and ate the main bowl!!! I dont discover how she sometimes fits everything in the woman stomache as a consequence of how small she’s.Shes much like me; small and good…but a new HOG xD

Say an organisation “NO” even though she is usually sniffing the foodstuff.The for a longer time you resign yourself, the more she’ll do this.If your lady persists with whining and also begging, use a spray bottle of wine and spray her to prevent.It’s not mean, it truly is reinforcement.

Put the girl in her crate or in an additional room while you’re eating.

And never leave foodstuff where she could possibly get it.

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