How do i get my puppy to lay down on command?

i’ve a 3 OR MORE month older chihuahua dog and ive undoubtedly taught her easy methods to sit yet she simply doesnt understand the main lay lower deal and we would like some assistance on getting her to help lay.


You require:

Make your pet sit, the that has a small item od the particular treat u be sure the doggie smells as well as sees your treat in addition to bring that treat as a result of his paw next forward.Whenever he is an acronym up declare NO in addition to take the particular treat out.It could possibly take TEN times or 20 but you get there.Be sure u dont train for more than 30 minutes each and every time.

I educated mine by means of putting a goody in my own hand plus closing the idea and placed my hand within the floor until eventually she layed down.Once your lover layed along she bought the cure and after several times I place the word ”down” by using it.My Chihuahua bought it in 10minutes but not surprisingly usually it takes a 7 days for a number of dogs.

have a goody in ones hand, then get the woman’s to take a seat, then express lay, and simply encourage her that can put her go down through moving the hand using the treat in and placing it within the floor, the following should do the job, however you may try plus slightly motivate her back as a result of encourage the woman to lay down

Hold a goody in front of your dogs nose and be sure he understands to work out, then push his/her rear end down.Compliment him/her and say “Lay decrease, good lay down down”.

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