How do i get my dog to stop being aggressive towards my other animals?

i simply got a different dog thats a sneak over annually old in addition to im having difficulty with her seeking my different animals after they want for you to sniff around

You require some help in training her as you are just acquired her.
She will probably be nervious about your pets and it is advisable to control the idea by stoping the woman’s from doing work.
Remove the woman’s and enable her relax and slowly expose her for your other wildlife one at the moment.
you have to be dominate over your complete animals and yes it starts along.
Never yell nonetheless watch to get hackles position and perspective contact as that means they may perhaps fight.
Again coach her to not do that in case necessary purchase a professional to assist you to give your girlfriend some training

You cant really help this..She simply just doesn’t indulge those family pets.The best you can do is this just keep both the animals individual.

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