How come my dog gittin her period all my floor?

Yo.I enjoy my puppy.She your pitbull plus dalmayshin mixture.But often she be bleedin all over the house.WHEN I ain’t acquired me no money for you to git the woman fixed.So whats yet another way I could solve my home this problem

You can check out some free spay neuter places in your dog.Based on where you will be at.The search engines the CLICK program and call these people.They may be able to help you decide on somewhere in your area.It will get rid of the bleeding plus it has major health benefits.

Another more affordable quicker fix is usually to get a type of cones through petsmart (they are frequently used to stop them via scratching in addition to biting.) and some doggie diapers.

they have low cost spay and neuter doctors through spca plus some vet treatment centers may permit you to do the payment prepare…or you are able to go find her some doggie diapers untill you possibly can afford to correct her i realize it appears to be dumb but they have them.

this can be why people say hole bulls tend to be owned gangsters plus trashy people….humane societies generally spay hole bulls totally this closest one particular and see

diaper ditch for adventure cheap in addition to effective till you will get her spayed good luck

Really Consider her to some shelter, they accomplish spay in addition to neutering free of charge if it is a legitimate query.

Diapers.Structure a ditch for the woman’s tail.

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