How can i keep my baby chickens warm in cold nights?

we need some ideas on how to keep baby chickens warm during the night.i live in pakistan right now and there are actually power haircuts ever an hour or so and in addition they last more than a hour just about every, so we can not have a bulb as it wont always be reliable.a pal of mine laughed and said to light slightly fire after which you can put the idea out as well as take your hot embers throughout where i maintain your chicks (back backyard garage) but there’s a risk advisors getting there almost every other way they might been held warm through the night thanks for ones time.

if you do have a little generator or electric battery pack that you could plug some sort of red light fixture into, that may be used, or a new heat mat under neath the particular incubator which might be plugged in to a battery pack likely in covered with a couple blanket to that will retain the particular heat for that old are the baby chicks at this point if they’ve feathers then they could be outside in a pen with no added heat and they also will keep the other person warm by snuggling collectively.i couldn’t use scorching embers since it would be able to hot for your chicks.

If it can be that cold during the night time take these people indoors with the night.

The losing embers looks risky both in a fire and asphyxiation risk.

Go to your Chicken store and purchase a warmth lamp in addition to hang that about 3 feet above the children.

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