Fun things to do with your parakeet?

Obtained some enjoyable things to do related to your current fowl Please share! I’d personally as well such as many tactics about bonding in your parakeet (I know your ‘stick-your-hand-in-the-cage’ method).

OBSTACLE LESSONS! WHEN I Employ minuscule ladders plus everything in addition to produce complete program and also my budgies like under-going these! Employ milkbones in the beginning then later the bird could instantly undertake it him/herself! It’s a lot of enjoyable faith me personally (:

Get any griddle together with several olive acrylic a dash of chine a number of parsley in addition to it’s possible many mint, griddle fry about low to medium right up until glowing brown leafy, then put the pup within the stove within THREE HUNDRED to get EIGHT a matter of minutes to help prepare up through

Make a lot of eye call together with your budgie to signify you happen to be watching them.Always yes constructive consideration in your parrot without punish this because fowl brains don’t realize the reason why these are currently being punished.

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