Dog problemplease help !?

this 4 calendar year old chihuahua mix is really a tad aggressiv e, when ever you put both hands slowly aroudn his / her ears as well as under the chin, he growls and will not like that.i boughth the pup a use and i’m afraid that he will bite me next time i put this on.its the type that experiences the not one but two legs! we would like to attain confidence in addition to im scared he will bite as well as growl with me.just how do put using a harness without him grrowling as well as biting

It’s possible he or she is having reactions to his ear, like an infection or mites.We experienced a Chihuahua that had to be treated with regard to mites annually and your woman would grow to be snarly when we tried out to feel her go, because it absolutely was uncomfortable pertaining to her.And so, first look at a vet and rule out any probable medical problems that is causing your dog pain associated aggression.

Ruling out health-related issues, your pet needs to know you’re your confident handler.As frightening as it could be, being bitten at some point comes when using the territory connected with dog possession.It’s just like someone that rides horses a great number of years.At some point you’re visiting fall out of.Is it a pleasing experience Very little, but in case you go in to handling along with training your pet dog with the particular mindset involving fear he will sense which and respond, in-turn, with fear which can manifest per se through concern aggression.You might want to work using a trainer nobody can not only function with these issues with your puppy, but also allow you to gain that confidence you might want to handle him or her.

chihuahua’s is usually like which.try possessing her teeth closed when you say NO inside a commanding voice if your lover tries that will bite.i really hope this will help otherwise consider her to some vet and get them for any referral to help Professional doggy trainer.i really hope all moves well! =).

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