Do you have to be legal in the US to adop a dog?

You ought to be 18 (some lodging are 21) in the event that’s what a person mean, but I do not think you ought to be a US citizen.You’d have got to check while using shelter at that and also I do not think any breeder checks for citizenship.

I are looking at quite a few adoption purposes from diverse states along with none of these say anything at all about having as a US citizen.(at least the ones I’ve seen at) They certainly require a sufficient form regarding ID like a DL for you to verify time.

The Weight in Los angeles, CA need a Valid Staff license and also valid ID (state issued) so that they can purchase probably their pet dogs.

Most are not offered to Illegals.

Absolutely no real USERNAME no doggie.

Obviously rules can be different in a different place.

They must show i .d ..And what are the results to pet when whomever eventually will get deported

im unclear so being safe we would check your current local Craig’s variety or news paper if anyone is needing homes thus to their pets it truly is the safest way to go!!!

would consider yes.

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